Cuteness overload in Storks!

I saw the new “Storks” last night and I must say, the animator that did the water and the ice and all the rain scenes must get a raise! It looked so real! And technically, all the emotions portrayed in the movie were genuine and I kinda cried in parts!

Storks story

Traditionally, storks have been associated with baby deliveries but in order to increase profits and avoid embarrassing errors, storks are now a goods delivery company.
thumbnail_24123When a little boy makes a wish for a baby brother who is a ninja so he will have someone to play with in his parent’s absence (they were working all the time), his letter gets delivered to Tulip from the storks company and she puts it in the wrong bin, making a baby appear!
Junior, the company’s top delivery stork, is now in hot water when this baby appears as it would mean trouble for his promised promotion. Desperate to deliver this bundle of trouble, Junior and his friend Tulip, the only human on Stork Mountain, race against time to make their first baby drop before the boss finds out.

Funny bits

The pigeon ass who gets them found out reminded me so much of the disabled South Park kid called Nathan!


There is a wolf pack in the movie who decides to eat the baby but because of its cuteness, they end up fussing over him and licking him 🙂STORKS

mqdefaultI was laughing away at this point! The cute part is, the wolves, they transform into these man-made structures like a bridge, a submarine (that breathes collectively) and a car(!) equipped with seat-belts. The only thing that failed was an airplane as the only wolf spinning his tail as a propella could not keep everyone afloat.

The emotional bits

Well, I cried in most parts (I must be nuts) – when the little kid wanted attention from his ma & pa and uses well known quotes to get their attention (“he was just a baby a blink ago”), when the kid had to dismantle what him and his parents built for the stork, the orphan Tulip re-union with her lost ginger family (all sporting the same hair).

I even cried when they put the baby machine in overdrive and responded to millions of letters asking for a baby, which then made the storks throw away their business suits and return to roots.



I even loved it when Junior (the stork) decides what to do as the new boss of the company and abandons that toothy laugh that made his boss look like a tit more than a stork (google it, a tit is a bird).

Hunter: Junior, you know why I built my office entirely out of glass even though birds can’t see glass?
Junior: I do not.
[birds fly smack into the glass]
Hunter: Power move!


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