Theologians tell us that this is a fallen world… * Deeply Odd

Theologians tell us that this is a fallen world, that Adam and Eve broke it when they fell from grace. Maybe you’™re not a believer, but if you’™re honest, you’™ll have to agree that something is wrong with this place.

Senseless violence, corrupting envy, greed, blind hatred, and willful ignorance seem to be proof that Earth has gone haywire, but so is the absurdity that we see everywhere. The people of a broken world, off the rails and wobbling trackless on their journeys to oblivion or meaning, are frequently going to be foolish, sometimes in entertaining ways. When amusing, their foolishness and mine ”can be a lamp that brightens my spirit in spite of all threats and suffering.

I suspected that by the time this was done, Mrs. Fischer would leave me glowing.

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