Dean Koontz * Deeply Odd

“The world howls for social justice, but when it comes to social responsibility, you sometimes can’t even hear crickets chirping.”

I have loved this book much as I loved most of the Dean Koontz books I have read (and I have read my fair share of them). Oddie is back and while he was young and innocent and in love with Stormy in “Odd Thomas”, with every book, he got darker and broodier and facing bigger and bigger monsters each time.

This time it’s satanists who are using a crack in the dimensional space to kidnap children and sacrifice their innocence in gruesome manner to their dark lord. Sounds like a stretch? Well, it’s not and it’s filled with good people and good and memorable life lessons I will extricate and display in other posts.

There is a very colorful character in this book (Eddie) and I wish when I grow old I’ll become a little like her.


“…Child, do you know where trult great courage comes from, the kind of courage that will never back down?’
I said, “Faith.”
“And love,” she said. “faith is a kind of love you know. Love of what is unseen but certain. Love makes us strong and brave.”

“It’s funny, ma’am, how sometimes you’re so sarcastic but it doesn’t sting.”
“Because of my dimples. Dimples are a get-out-of-jail-free card”

I smiled most of my time with this book. A sad smile as the books I have indulged myself with recently had nothing of this purity, of this drive to be stronger and better – they were lazy vampires struggling with the burden of boredom in their immortal life. I had forgotten the beauty of Koontz, those nicely polished phrases that soothe your soul and makes you want to find more friends like him.

“In life, little happens by chance, and most bad hands we’re dealt are the consequence of our actions, which are shaped by our wisdom and our ignorance. In my experience, survival depends on hoping for the best while recognizing that disaster is more likely and that it can’t be averted if it can’t be imagined.”

Odd - this means one without a match, unique, individual.
Odd – this means one without a match, unique, individual.


While I have thoroughly enjoyed the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz, I have to admit that books 2-5, while very well written, were just a little too fantastical at times. “Deeply Odd” has come full circle (which is very meaningful in the story itself) in that it reminds me not only of the first book, “Odd Thomas,” but also why I love the series so much.

Odd is at his best, and oddest, while facing down evil in its true form. While I have read some reviews which bemoaned the philosophizing, even going as far to say that they skip the long paragraphs to only read the short ones because that’s where the action is taking place, I personally love reading Odd’s worldview and how he expresses it.

Mr. Koontz has some wonderful insight and can be wise. I’m very much looking forward to the next book in the Odd Thomas series, “Saint Odd” due out in 2015 but at the same time dreading it because if that is, in fact, the last book, I will really miss brave Oddie and his numerous misadventures along with his clever and unorthodox solutions.


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