Susan Elizabeth Phillips * What I did for love

I think I’m becoming a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips! Her books are always so dramatic and the love stories so intense, I have to leave at least a couple of months between the books. As a quick list, here are the books I read so far and their reviews:

Are you ready for the latest News Flash??


I know, a good book is difficult to put down and this one has got me enthralled from the first few chapters. Watch the breakdown of former child actress Georgie York as she tries to escape the paparazzi after her disastrous divorce  and while she’s trying to get her life in her own hands. She meets up with an old enemy who – after a night of drunken fun – becomes her new husband.

Afraid of the public backlash and the downfall of her already crumbling career, she strikes a deal with him to stay married for at least 6 months before they get divorced.

This is where the plot gets better – he’s freaking hot and he does not seem to be the same bad boy who took her virginity fifteen years ago.


He’s more balanced, he has a nice house he reconditioned himself and he’s responsible with his money. She’s still stumped that he wakes up before 4PM and that he’s not surrounded by women throwing themselves at him. The only problems seem to come from her father who does not agree with this union and sees it as a way for him to gain access to the Hollywood stage again and from his housekeeper, a young, 20year old goth chick.

Chaz is young and star struck and having taken care of him for the last few years, she feels entitled to him – the kitchen, the house, the diet, the man.

Georgie is not deterred and is willing to do anything to make this new marriage a success.

“I love you guilty. It makes it easier for me to wrap you around my finger.”

Their sexual attraction is evident and their constant quips show a level of intelligence and humor only people that know each other really well can pull off.


“There’s a big Alzheimer’s benefit in a couple of weeks. A charity ball is right after that. We eat, we smile, we pose.
No balls. None.
I’m sorry to hear that. Have you talked to a doctor?”

It’s a paparazzi free-for-all, and Georgie’s non-supporting cast doesn’t help. There’s Bram’s punk-nightmare housekeeper; Georgie’s pushy parent; a suck-up agent; an icy studio head; and her ex-husband’s new wife, an international do-gooder who just might win the stupid Nobel Peace Prize!

As for Georgie’s leading man… Bram, with his angel blue eyes and twisted black heart, has never cared about anyone but himself. Still, he’s giving the performance of his life as man in love—thanks to the half a million dollars she’s paying him. It was official. She’d married the devil. Or had she?






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