Violin * Anne Rice – Book review

I usually like Anne Rice books and I was truly enthralled by the Chronicles of the Vampires and the Mayfair witches series. I even liked one of her older books – Belinda. I can’t say I liked “Violin”. Written in 1996, it cannot be seen as a timeless book as some of the issues are specific from that era – fear of AIDS, death from AIDS, fear of losing the body shape and growing old. Some of the other themes are common – squabble within a family over inheritance, money issues and the life of a wealthy widow.

I think I could overlook some of the issues if the book wasn’t so damn boring… Even the memoirs of the butler who liked to kill were more exciting than this book.

“If only we would wake from (these) states of oblivion with some certain sense that there was no mystery to life at all, that cruelty was purely impersonal, but we don’t.”

Honestly the worst waste of time a book has ever been. Hours of my precious life were wasted reading about a fat middle-aged woman sobbing and snotting over a ghost and the violin she stole from him.

You hopefully suppose that the story is going to improve now that the woman met the subject of the book, but this is actually where the book gets awfully tedious. During the 400 pages of the book, the only thing that they do is argue and scream at each other. As you go through the story you get to the conclusion that, in spite of the bonds that tight them together in the story, whatever still keeps them together is not clear. It’s not the violin. Seriously, it CAN’T be the violin because Triana barely played violin. Stephan’s attitudes can be justified. Not Triana’s.
As for the main character, she tells her weird, non-violin related, stupid story about her bizarre past.

The only part of the book that I effectively liked (and, in my opinion, should’ve been the core of the book since the first page) was Stephan’s story, which could have been better explored but only lasted 10 or 20 pages.

Rate: 1/5

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