Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases

by Mridula Trivedi
The human heart lies in the fourth part of the body and hence it is represented by the fourth house of the horoscope. The Sun is the main significator of heart. In other words the Sun is the heart of Kaala Purusha. Sun is the source of energy and indicates oxygen too. The heart energizes the impure blood after pouring oxygen into it. So affliction of Sun plays main role in the disease of heart. Affliction of the fourth house also causes diseases of chest. A proper and careful judgment can reveal whether it is a heart disease provided biological knowledge of human body is in the mind of the astrologer at the time of judgment of the horoscope.
The general rule of Astrology that a planet, who is a Karaka or significator of a certain house if located in that house, becomes very dangerous, particularly in case of affliction, association or aspects of malefic planets.
Cancer is a watery sign and also indicates fluid in which the heart is enclosed. Cancer indicates veins too. So afflictions of Cancer sign, fourth house and Sun indicate heart troubles.          
Sun controls pulsation of heart as well. It is the beating of heart which takes place in two phases. Contraction is technically called Systole and relaxation named as Diastole. These are heard as heart beats. Affliction of Sun in 4th house of a horoscope decidedly causes affliction of heart beats. Affliction of Sun in different ways may create different types of complications of heart.
Everybody is frightened by the word “heart attack” and “heart failure” and this always comes when one expects it least and takes our lives too frequently. What is heart failure? When the heart is unable to pump the blood efficiently, this condition of heart is known as heart failure or technically it is called coronary thrombosis.
Sun indicates heart mainly. He owns Leo. Therefore, Leo sign must also be considered while working for the diseases of heart. Similarly 4th and 5th houses should be judged in connection with hear troubles. Why the 5th house is referred for heartaches? If we see the exact position of heart in the body, we find whole heart is not lodged in the fourth part only. Lower portion of heart is placed into the 5th portion of Kaala Purusha. But major portion comes under the fourth part of the body, so the fourth house requires more emphasis.
Lord of fourth house has control over heart. Moon is a watery planet and has control over the fluid of the heart. Heart which is mainly represented by Sun has involuntary rhythm. It is not controlled by mind. The heart is four chambered pump. Like all other mechanical pumps it has areas of electrical activity which provides it constant rhythmic action. This electrical activity is controlled by Ketu. Sun’s affliction with Ketu causes disturbances in electrical activity of heart resulting into failure of heart.
However afflicted Mars in Cancer or fourth house shows weakness of heart muscles. The heart purifies the blood by pouring oxygen into it. Sun is energy and represents oxygen also. On the basis of above significance we can trace out the exact cause of heart trouble provided we are aware with the biological facts of heart and causes of heart attacks.

Coronary Thrombosis
This is exact which we generally name as heart attack. This happens due to small clot, thrombus in the coronary artery so that oxygen supply in the heart is disturbed. This condition is fatal. This is caused due to heavy affliction of Sun with Ketu or Mars or Saturn in fourth house. Affliction of Sun is very necessary to cause coronary thrombosis.

Angina Pectoris
It is the condition in which the severe pain occurs in chest. It is due to inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart resulting into narrowing of arteries.
In this case affliction of Sun and Mars is required. Venus will also be involved.

It is the condition in which the heart beats increases or interval between two beats of heart is decreased. Only Sun is responsible. Placement of Sun in fourth house even with least affliction causes this.

Defective Valves
Any kind of defect in the valve affects the normal functioning of heart. In such cases Mars and Ketu will be involved.

Hypertension or Blood Pressure
When heart pumps the blood into arteries, there is a pressure exerted on the walls of the artery. This is blood pressure. In normal adult this should be 120/80. The blood pressure rises under the influence of tension, worry, excitement and fear etc. In this, affliction of Moon and Mars is compulsory.
There are a few main causes of heart attack.
1. Increase in the carbon dioxide concentration in blood.
Due to this increase in carbon dioxide concentration in blood, excess of carbon dioxide begins to reach the heart. Heart starts pumping rapidly and the excess pressure can result into stoppage of heart or the heart may gradually start functioning slowly. In other words the electrical activity area fails which is governed by Ketu. So Ketu’s affliction is necessary in fourth house along with the Sun.
2. Due to excess formation of fat in the blood a substance known s cholesterol starts forming which makes the blood more concentrated and viscous and so a large amount of pressure is applied by the heart to pump the blood and at times cholesterol choke the arteries somewhere and blood supply is broken resulting into coronary thrombosis or heart attack. This is caused due to affliction of Moon, Sun and Saturn.
Now we will switch over to the horoscopic analysis for heart diseases. It is not easy task to find out the exact disease of heart; but a careful examination of various number of horoscopes may reveal it:–
1. Afflicted Sun in Cancer or Capricorn may result into heart trouble.
2. Affliction of Sun in the fourth house indicates further complication of heart.
3. Affliction of Ketu in fourth house indicates weakening of heart, i.e. creates disturbance in electrical activity of the rhythm of heart.
4. Prominent hypertension or blood pressure is denoted by an angular Sun along with afflicted Saturn or Mars.
5. Rahu, Mars and Ketu prominently connected with Sun and fourth house cause heart diseases. Mostly such combinations may cause weakening of heart muscles or increase in carbon dioxide in blood.
6. Afflicted Sun is connected with the lords of 6th 8th or 12th houses or with the houses themselves.
7. The fourth and fifth house or the lords thereof must not be afflicted. More importance must be attached to the house and lord of the house comes next to that. A connection of 4th and 5th house or their lords must be established with 6th or 8th house.
Generally heart attacks come in the periods of afflicted planets or in the periods of 12th from Sun or in the period of 4th lord. Actual timing of heart trouble is the tough work and to find out the time precisely requires great practice of transits.
8. Venus rules veins. Affliction of Venus with Sun or in the fourth house will reveal that the blood vessels have become narrow resulting into the improper flow of blood.

(Condensed from Planets & Forecast, December, 1983)

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