Are You Born in Krittika Nakshatra?

Krithika belongs to Asura Gana and the ruler is the Sun. The bodily constitution and shape of people born in this star varies much. But generally they are healthy and smart.

Prominent nose, shining eyes, sober countenance, modest behaviour etc. are the unique features of these people. They are not prompt or regular in the matte of food. Usually they suffer from headache, or diseases of eyes, tooth or nasal passage.
The Krithika people are of average intelligence only. But they neither concentrate on a particular job nor make any sacrifice to achieve a particular thing. They have the rare capacity and tendency to advise others, but in their own case they are opportunistic. They do not make any progress in joint enterprises. They are freedom-loving and will break all alliances which are detrimental to their attitude of independence. They do not earn for money or power. They are self-boasting and conceal their shortcomings and drawbacks.
They are religious minded, pious and god-fearing. But hey are adaptive to the changing trend of ideologies. Work and thrive is their motto. In public life they are a failure. They forgive the mistakes done by others and this is why they do not reap cent percent success in their attempts. They derive and enjoy material pleasure fully. They get such wives who are well-trained domestically and love their husbands. They are vivacious and luxurious. But they do not go out of the way for this purpose. They are usually bothered by a series of problems; but their domestic life is very pleasant and happy.

They are self-criticizing; so at times, they make assessment about their work and effect some improvement and control. At any cost, they keep their word. They do not think of cheating others. They behave decently and respectfully. This sincerity often lodges them into difficulties. They are hot- tempered and much emotional. At such time they have no control over their actions. In debates and arguments they present very reasonable arguments. They usually live outside their birth place. They get benefit and prosperity only during their outside stay. They love mother and get reciprocal love. They seldom get paternal gifts or donations or properties. During the years between 24 to 45 and 50 to 56 they achieve many things.
Krithika ladies also possess all the above features and traits. But they usually remain deprived of all worldly pleasures. If the Mars or Jupiter occupies unfavourable positions in the horoscope they will lose their children or remain childless. Because of hard manual labour their health is affected.
Krithika people should avoid transactions with people born in Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Moola, Poorvashadha. They should not enter in to partnership also with anybody.

(Condensed from Planets & Forecast, April, 1985)

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