Let me show you why I find dating boring

19:09 Chris Hi how are you
19:40 Me Hello! Just chilling out tonight
Watching tv
19:40 Chris Nice what you watching
19:41 Me American Dad
Most people don’t like it because of the animation but it’s so funny
19:41 Chris Cool. What you looking for
19:42 Me I haven’t lost anything? Why should I be looking?
19:42 Chris Ha ha I mean in general on here
19:43 Me In general I am looking at good looking men
Cleansing my pallet..enhanced-31940-1441941632-8
Are you in for the men too?
19:43 Chris Ha ha relationship or fun
19:44 Me Who wants to have relationships with strangers?
I like to have fun

Are you into creating massive puzzles?
19:44 Chris You like sexting
19:44 Me Lol
19:45 Chris Sex chat
19:45 Me What is that
There is chat for sex?
19:45 Chris What you think
43066919:45 Me I must have been living in a cave
Let me ask my neighbours Mr Flintstones
19:45 Chris You have what’s app
19:46 Me I have my app
Are you wondering what type of app my app is?
Or you don’t remember the name
19:46 Chris 07***********
19:46 Me Is that your number??
Or an emergency contact in case you have a problem?
19:47 Chris Yeah what’s yours
19:47 Me Silly bunny
Never give out your number to strangers
You could run into someone that wants to have fun
And take your number
19:48 Chris What’s your number
19:48 Me And put it in the Gay meeting spot in the parkblogger-image
19:48 Chris Ha ha funny
19:48 Me Saying “call here for a good time”
19:48 Me Hmm.. It’s getting dark out there
19:49 Me If I run now I’ll put it up before the first joyriders come
19:49 Chris Message me
19:49 Me Why?
19:50 Chris Like you to
19:50 Me You have told me nothing interesting so far
Not a fact of life
19:50 Chris Like you to
19:50 Me Not even a joke
19:50 Chris I have a big cock

Man with a giant cock
19:50 Me I’ve heard this one before and believe me, it’s average
Unless you are talking about your pet cock.
19:51 Chris Ha ha ok
19:51 Me Do you own a rooster?
19:51 Chris No mine
19:52 Me Your…?
19:52 Chris What’s your number
19:53 Me You’re still not showing any qualities that would make me want to talk to you
19:53 Chris Ok what would you like to know
19:53 Me Tell me something funny that happened to you
19:56 Chris Tell me something as well
22:55 Me I trolled a guy yesterday
Wanted to do some sexting
Gave me his number
Pretended I lived in a cave and asked him to explain how it works
And then taught him the dangers of leaving your number online
Your turn now
19:48 Chris Your funny
f3d554cf0bd8228cf5d2c0479eb3d85100:31 Me You’re * grammar is a turn on when used correctly x
19:51 Chris Hi
00:49 Chris You ok
20:26 Chris You ok
00:19 Chris Hiiiiiii

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