The Vikings * And the awesome stories I learned from them

The guys where I work are worried. I show a natural tendency to love violent tv shows that expose a lot of sex, a lot of gore, bloody violence and deadly killings. I am a Game of Thrones fan (massive, massive fan) and recently, I started watching How to get away with murder and Vikings.

I got into Vikings very very fast and soon, I was coming to work wearing Floki eye make-up and thus increasing the tension in my colleagues 😀


As I have done with Breaking Bad, I’m going to compile a short list of all the things I learned while watching the show.

There is no right god or wrong god.

One of the massive themes of the show is which one is right – the kingdom of Odin with its multiple deities resembling the Greek Mythology and the Roman one, with Odin ruling everything, Thor commanding the thunder with his massive hammer and Loki trying to destroy the world – or Christianity, with its one God to do all of these.
To be able to gain the trust of the Christian King of Essex, they had to convert one of theirs to their religion and the scene was quite hilarious as the “pagans” had no idea what the weird man in robes was doing.


You can’t belong to a religion if you don’t believe in it. And in the end, Athelstan was able to make a true believer from Ragnar, not by forcing him but by being there and explaining to him what the differences are from one culture to another.


Being a smart and educated man can save your life.


Athelstan survived the initial raid because he could speak the Norse language. He was useful and almost indispensable for both Ragnar and the king of Essex, both as a translator and also as an experienced traveller between the two cultures. He negotiates and he explains, he teaches. He takes note and he advises. He was only removed because he became a threat due to his influence. #Spoiler.

If you want to do better, you have to do more

Nobody became king by sitting at their farm and ploughing the earth. Ragnar’s story is so great because he fought for his position, he dared to explore unknown areas, take risks that could have proven deadly and make decisions that would help him attain more land and more power.


A great bro-mance can last a lifetime

tumblr_inline_npuwlq9iM41sxb00y_500There is something to be said about the friendship between Athelstan and Ragnar. They are both very different but the respect they carry for each other makes them inseparable. I would deem this true love between two men #nohomo.

This is mostly obvious when Athelstan stays at the court of the king of Essex to study more. Ragnar truly missed him and I think he showed more emotion toward him than he did toward his son or any of his wives.


A neglected woman will cheat

Even though he made multiple sons with his second wife, Ragnar paid little to no attention towards her. As a result, when Ragnar went away to conquer, side by side with his ex-wife and lover, she betrayed him with a travelling stranger. When he returned, she told him just to provoke a bit of emotion from him, a sign that maybe he still loved her. But I don’t think he loved her – even when they first got together. She is beautiful but she is not Laghertha.

Queen Aslaug - the second wife of Ragnar
Queen Aslaug – the second wife of Ragnar

A woman does not have to be masculine to be powerful

There are  some pretty awesome female leads in the Vikings, Aslaug who is the “mother”, caring, birthing, quiet and strong. Lagherta is the warrior – first in battle, keeping in line with her ex-husband and on top of her little town (OMG! She cut off his penis! – #Spoiler) and she uses her sexuality in her favour.


Siggy is the last one of my favs – she seems to be on the loosing side of life – having lost her husband, her position, her daughter. But her sacrifice teared me up and I was howling within minutes – She rescued Aslaug’s boys when she was busy with the stranger.


I could possibly go on and on about the show, but let me end this in a funny note. The VERY BEST THING ABOUT THE SHOW is the “no-shirt” policy that Taylor Laudner had in the Twilight series.

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