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download-1Short by my standards, the first story of the Northland Chronicles by Henry J.Olsen takes us into the future of Canada again (much like the old-time Hiero’s Journey), in the year 2036.
If we think about it, it’s only 20 years from today. Your toddlers will be in uni when this happens.

What is the free book about? (right click to download, remove “.pdf” from the end to get the .epub format book. Your e-reader will thank you).



Osborne shows up in a frontier town in the Minnesota backwoods and his appearance will trigger a chain of events that will lead the oh-so-lovable hard-core anti-hero into a battle for his life and also a rescue mission to recover the sister of his new found friend.

Action-packed, it’s a fast read and I only wanted more when it ended! Talk about amuse-bouche in the book world.

Have a read through the attached file and see if you like it! I did.

A Message from Henry J. Olsen

You’ve almost finished A Stranger North . Considering you’ve made it this far, I’d like to thank you for taking a chance on this unproven author. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. I’m here to tell you that this is the free version of the book. (Don’t worry — aside from the inclusion of this message it’s identical to the retail version in every way.)
By free, I mean not only free of charge, but also that I want it to travel across the internet freely. And to that end, I’d appreciate if you could help me in one of two ways (or better yet, both!):
Write a review of A Stranger North. Post it on Amazon , Goodreads , your blog, or wherever else you’d like. Share this book. Pass it on to your friends, your grandma, your babysitter, or hell, give copies to your entire book club.
Sharing it with more valuable to me than any royalties I would have received had you purchased this copy of A Stranger North . For while I’ll admit that, yes, I’d like to profit from my work, I see this copy not as a sale lost but rather as a reader gained. (Also, I honestly just love reading reader reviews of my books— if you post one on Amazon or Goodreads, I guarantee I will read it, be it the tenth review or the thousandth one.) So, after you finish, please take a moment and help me out. I’m just a small fry in this big, big industry, and thus every recommendation really does make a difference. Finally, don’t be afraid to get in touch.
Hit me up via my blog ( simplyunbound.com ) or via e-mail ( henry@simplyunbound.com ). I’d love to hear from you.
Now, how about we see what our friend Ramses is up to …

About The Author

Henry J. Olsen grew up as a shy kid in a small Wisconsin town.
Now he travels the world and writes tales of adventure.
As of June 2013, he is living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. You can follow his adventures at: http://simplyunbound.com

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