Happy New Year!

2015 has been an amazing year! I have been through a ton of books and I have compiled a list of the ones I loved the most.

  1. Miss Peregrine’s Children series – a wonderful collection of vintage pictures and stories about peculiar children. Great for young adults.
  2. White Oleander – A story about a slightly deranged mother (but very artistic) and the life of her daughter from foster home to foster home.
  3. Maya Angelou– Caged Bird. Great poem about freedom.
  4. Blindness – The story of what humans are capable of when left to the mercy of the strong
  5. You by Caroline Kepness – a story about a modern day stalker finding his victim through the means of social media
  6. The Blind Assassin – a wonderful story that made me cry from Margaret Atwood. Love is stranger than fiction in this great Canadian tale of a woman finding that she was the wolf.
  7. The Piano Teacher – Elfriede Jelinek has shown great talent in describing a vampiric mother who fed on the vital energy of her very talented daughter.
  8. The Stand – Stephen King is the master of the apocalyptic novel and in this wonderful novel he presents a future that is most likely to come if the biological weapons are not set aside.
  9. A streetcat named Bob. James Bowen tells his story of how his life was changed by a lovely cat named Bob. Touching, well told and with a great ending, it will leave your faith in humanity restored.
  10. Hausfrau – Jill Alexander Essbaum – a story of alienation in a foreign country, of passivity leading to adultery and the results of the bored housewife leading to a most fascinating story about obsession.
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