Buying Orange Paintings for Friends

Buying orange paintings for friends can be very rewarding. This can also be a business if it is done properly. If you know your friend’s tastes, you can be very successful. I found a seascape that had a beautiful red and orange sunset in it. The artist was Robyn Joy and buying paintings from her … Continue reading Buying Orange Paintings for Friends


A few notes on Surrealism

Surrealists were a group of painters and artists that drew a large amount of inspiration from the potent impact from dreams. In the beginning, before this artistic movement was fully embraced, many civilized people questioned the value of these works of art. Though considered some of the more recent ground-breaking artwork yet to date by … Continue reading A few notes on Surrealism

A few notes on Romanticism

Though sometimes referred to as the “anti-classical” movement in art, Romanticism is a style that focuses on the artist’s individualistic and emotionally wrought point of view, and is found to oppose the art movement known as Neoclassicism. Even though there have been many artists to combine elements of both. Some of the more renowned names … Continue reading A few notes on Romanticism

Free story to download – Four * Divergent * Veronica Roth

As part of the lead-up to Insurgent ’s publication, I agreed to retell a scene from Divergent from a different point of view: Four’s. Part of what makes Four interesting as a character, to me, is this wall he puts up between himself and other people. Writing from his perspective meant taking down that wall … Continue reading Free story to download – Four * Divergent * Veronica Roth

A few notes about Expressionsim

When speaking on buying paintings of the Expressionist movement, it is always a good idea to review what elements make Expressionism unique, and to gain an understanding of some of the artists representative of this particular artistic movement. The agreed upon intention of Expressionist artwork is not reproduce a subject accurately, but to instead portray … Continue reading A few notes about Expressionsim

A tale of two cities * Charles Dickens

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it … Continue reading A tale of two cities * Charles Dickens


Being afraid of height (whether during a plane trip or climbing a mountain) is a serious problem that affects many persons and can have severe if not fatal repercussions on the respective person. The sickness is provoked by the lack of oxygen. The easiest manifestation of height sickness can appear at altitudes of 2000 meters and … Continue reading AFRAID OF HEIGHTS?

Everything you need to know about Berlin

Berlin brings to one’s min the great divide (or wall) that divided the city into two different political entities. However, the new rejuvenated and reunited Berlin is marching ahead into the future post millennium. It is casting itself as the most important new and modernistic city of Continental Europe. Berlin’s dark past as Hitler’s capital … Continue reading Everything you need to know about Berlin