Sarah Jaffe’s Clementine

It was amazing how many mistakes one life could accumulate.

You try so hard, day by day, to make something of yourself, to prove that maybe just maybe you haven’t completely fucked up yet.

But you always fail. Something always goes wrong, and you’re left to pick up the scattered pieces. Each day becomes a tomorrow and then another day until finally your left standing at the abyss of Time Wasted and you’re teetering on the edge.

Every word out of your mouth is another regret added to the impossible weight on your shoulders, and even though you want to just stop, to catch your breath, you know that life won’t allow it.

There’s only so many minutes, and if every second isn’t filled, then you’re never going to be anybody. So you keep moving, keep making the same mistakes and wishing that you could just understand where the fuck you went wrong.

Wishing that a knight in shining armour will just appear one day, and everything will go back to those days when you were so damn carefree.

And it’s not fair.

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