Miss you already * Or the Breast Cancer Awareness Movie

My (now only) girlfriend booked a movie for us to watch yesterday, a girly movie that will show us the power of friendship in face of adversity, how two females will always share things no two men can share and how beautiful it is to have a BFF during your hardest times.


I had no idea that females do that… I thought that mostly females are backstabbing bitches trying to get your man lol.

I loved the movie even though it was not an easy pill to swallow. As you might have gathered from the trailer, one of the girls gets cancer. The big C. She must undergo chemotherapy which will take away in pieces parts of her beauty – first the hair, then the health and appetite, then her boobs. Both of them get cut off.

Experience the drama in close up shots that will leave you cringing – like inserting a needle into a vein, dripping tubes, falling hair, a Britney-style hair removal shot, more needles (this time in bruised up veins), throwing up in paper bowls, vomiting over salad, a woman with tubes sticking out of her and two cuts where the boobs should be, the failed attempts at having sex, more Cancer (this time in the brain), blindness, feebleness, death.


I could not look at the screen during the needle insertions (that was the worse part for me). And whoever filmed this movie needs to get a smack in the head as the shots are ultra-mega close-ups. Sometimes I think he crawled with his (handheld) camera up the actors’ nostrils. Seriously, some distance would do good.

The reason why I could not dismiss this movie as a drama as sickening and depressing as “The Passion of the Christ” (remember Mel Gibson?) were the humorous lines that peppered the script and the three-dimensional characters, well defined, well played, that you could really relate to.


I loved it when the two husbands talk together and the dying woman’s husband confesses that he has received a free pass to sleep with other women but he’s just not interested. Instead, (he said while touching the other man’s hand), “we could do it together”. There was a silence that ended with the other guy jumping on him and laughing “You had no idea how long I’ve waited for you to do this”. They both laugh and you can tell they have been friends for a very long time, mostly due to their wives being friends for  a very long time.


I, myself, have not experienced such a close bond to another person and I don’t think I ever will. Showing your best and your worst to somebody else can be totally liberating but I think it also exposes you as a human being. You can get hurt, taken advantage of and as Jess (the brunette) says it:

You have become a Cancer BULLY.

2A5FEEBC00000578-3154766-image-m-128_1436444801357Molly (the blonde) has been using her disease to get what she wants – which is a normal human trait. Faced with death, would you not do anything that you always wanted to do, want to feel attractive when you are crippled by your oncoming death, want to experience life on the “high-intensity” setting? I thought about it and I would have done the same. I would have been selfish as all humans are in the face of death.

What really shines through though was Drew Barrymore’s acting. She is brilliant – funny, serious, warm and fuzzy and reminds me of myself on my good days (with the chubby bits as well). She has a great chemistry with her husband (movie husband) and I loved her colorful style. She is the soul of this friendship and I think I would have loved her as a friend too. I could relate with the struggles to have a baby and for her desire to keep her miracle a secret in front of her dying friend. Who wants to rub in her good life in the face of misery? It’s like tempting the gods.


All in all, it’s a worthwhile movie to watch, if you can stomach the good and the bad together. But be prepared for a few clichees and a very sappy and emotional ending. No eye was left dry when Molly took her last breath and we got to see a collage of her entire life – with her husband and kids and her BFF. (I must be emotionally stunted as I didn’t shed a tear. All I could think of was “Aww, how nice”. My friend was howling next to me… )

I’m not going to end this on a sad note as Life is meant for the living and When I die, I wanna go out as I came in, screaming, kicking and full of blood.





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