Spooky Poem! The Vampyre by John Stagg

“Why looks my lord so deadly pale? Why fades the crimson from his cheek? What can my dearest husband ail? Thy heartfelt cares, O Herman, speak! “Why, at the silent hour of rest, Dost thou in sleep so sadly mourn? Has tho’ with heaviest grief oppress’d, Griefs too distressful to be borne. “Why heaves thy … Continue reading Spooky Poem! The Vampyre by John Stagg


Organize Your Holiday and Bring Joy to Your World

The holiday season can be a stressful and chaotic time. Between attending holiday parties, shopping, meal planning, baking, gift wrapping, and entertaining, there never seems to be enough time. But if you organize, schedule and plan properly, you might find you even have a little extra time to relax and recharge. The should first sit … Continue reading Organize Your Holiday and Bring Joy to Your World

Halloween Pregnancy Ideas

The minute you begin your pregnancy everything is changing, your body, your clothes sizes, even your looks. But that doesn't mean you have to skip out on your favorite holidays, like Halloween. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Whether you are buying your costume or making them yourself, you can have fun. There … Continue reading Halloween Pregnancy Ideas

Scary Halloween Classroom Games

Most children love all things Halloween. As adults, we assume it's because Halloween means candy and children generally love candy. But many children love more than just the abundance of candy at Halloween time. They really get into the ghoulish aspect of the holiday and delight in the displays of goopy brains and squishy body … Continue reading Scary Halloween Classroom Games

Class Party Halloween Games

If you ask children what their favorite holiday is, the most likely response from most children will be Christmas, with Halloween coming in a close second. Some children will choose Halloween as their first favorite. But this holiday, with all its goblins and ghouls, likely makes the top two favorite holidays on most children's' lists. … Continue reading Class Party Halloween Games

The Haunted Place (Edgar Allan Poe)

In the greenest of our valleys By good angels tenanted, Once a fair and stately palace- Radiant palace- reared its head. In the monarch Thought's dominion- It stood there! Never seraph spread a pinion Over fabric half so fair! Banners yellow, glorious, golden, On its roof did float and flow, (This- all this- was in … Continue reading The Haunted Place (Edgar Allan Poe)

“Faeries” Halloween Competition

After last year's competition (Never Grow Up Peter Pan), we decided to have a new one this year, themed "Faeries". Send us a picture of yourself, your friends, your girlfriend (couples costumes are welcomed) wearing a faerie themed costume – any type of faes and elfs are welcomed! Not just little sexy Tinkerbell or serious Elrond … Continue reading “Faeries” Halloween Competition

Revival * Stephen King

“Electricity is the basis of all life.” That was Jacobs, all right. The line was better than a fingerprint. “The rest said something like, Take your heart. It runs on microvolts. This current is provided by potassium, an electrolyte. Your body converts potassium into ions—electrically charged particles—and uses them to regulate not just your heart … Continue reading Revival * Stephen King