Guess who saw “Legend” last night? I love Tom Hardy and I loved him in the dog movie (with the dog who dies), “Lawless” as a contraband booze dealer, the “Child 44” soviet drama, the “Mad Max” blood run, “Bane” – The Batman sequel and I figured out I would love this movie as it had not one but two Tom Hardy’s.

His acting was brilliant but the movie was shit. Sorry to put it out so bluntly but there was hardly any conquering of London going on. I mean yea, they got owning a few clubs and they made their money part legit, part extortion but it does not make them bad, just savvy businessmen.


The insane brother (“Ron”) was the funniest of the lot, even though sometimes it was hard to understand him due to the fact that he barely moved his mouth when he spoke. The Brit slang accent from the East Side did not help either!


The surprise of the movie was not featured in the trailer and was Frances, the woman that Reggie Kray was married to for two years. Most of the movie revolved around the cute romance between Reggie and Frances and how they shared a love in spite of her mother’s disapproval. She was a frail birdy-bird and when she decides to leave her man, she shortly commits suicide by swallowing a handful of pills. She was lovely though!

As a woman, I kept on looking at her clothes, he make-up, her hair – and it was a perfect 60’s representation (at least from a fashion point of view). Her acting did not vary much from one emotional state and her expression did not change from the placid “fish-in-a-bowl” approach. Beautiful but without essence!


Reginald Kray was cool. I think everybody knew he was the head of the business and when he got sent to jail, his brother nearly ruined the business.

He got out of jail, got married, got back into the illegal business, did not go home to his new wife, she started taking pills, she slapped him, he raped her, she moved out, he went after her with promises to get better, she killed herself to escape him, he got chewed by grief until he died.

A very romanticized approach to the Krays I would say. I got my share of violence but by the end of the movie, I was hating the main character as much as I love Tom Hardy.

Sweet Spot


It was good to see “Eggsy” from “Kingsman: secret service” back in acting again as the gay lover of Ron Kray. And OMG, he looks stunning in a suit.


Overall, a big disappointment. I was waiting for the movie to be over so I could go home and watch some Anime before bed. Bad! Bad!


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