Poltergeist Activity Explained?

When you have the urge to dig into the world of the dead, tread carefully as you may find yourself haunted for the rest of your life.

Most attempts to scientifically explain Poltergeist activity turns out to be fake. A retired chemist suggests that ball lighting which is another phenomenon, could cause objects to move.
Skeptics also say that Poltergeist activity maybe caused by carbon monoxide poisoning which causes hallucinations.

Now if you ask me I would say that poltergeist are real and yes sometimes people do fake the activities, but they can’t all be fake.

Poltergeist can come in two forms either the practical joker type or the evil Poltergeist. Make no mistake the evil one is not to be played with or taken lightly, you should have it removed as soon as possible. The joker ghost will only do things like, hide objects and make you hunt for the said item, then it will put it back where you had left it, spill drinks, knock over ornaments, anything that will give it a laugh.

People are sometimes not aware of having a poltergeist, they put all these types of activities down to the children or pets that are living with them. (A Poltergeist prefers for you not to know)

You may have several Poltergeist which can be off both types, The evil spirit will through objects around or as I found out, will attack you.

Rapping sounds from what has been apparently from Poltergeist, which has been described for hundreds of years, is now thought to be real.

It is only now that an interesting pattern has been discovered within the fine detail of the paranormal rapping sounds. No explanation can be found for this pattern at present.

The current edition of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), a learned publication dating back to 1882, carries an article by scientist Dr Barrie Colvin B.Sc., Ph.D., showing instrumental evidence for an inexplicable and objective banging sound detected in recordings made during alleged poltergeist activity.

Whereas raps and knocking sounds produced by ordinary means exhibit a normal acoustic pattern, those recorded in alleged poltergeist cases show quite a different sound signature.

Dr Colvin has analysed recordings of alleged poltergeist knocking obtained from around the world over a 40-year period. The earliest was a recording made by a local physician at Sauchie (Scotland) in 1960 and the most recent was obtained from a poltergeist case at Euston Square, London in 2000.

Whilst the two types of rap sound rather similar, they are actually acoustically different, although the effect is only made apparent when the recordings of raps are submitted to detailed analysis.

The sample involved 10 separate recordings recorded on different recording apparatus.

In each of the recordings, when subjected to acoustic analysis, a particular sound pattern is detected which so far remains unexplained. Attempts to replicate this pattern in ordinary ways have so far been unsuccessful.

The essential difference between these raps and those produced by normal means lies in the details of their sound envelope.

In the case of a normal rap, the sound (which often only lasts a few milliseconds) starts loudly and decays over a period of time. The loudest part of the sound is right at the beginning. In the case of a poltergeist rap, the loudest part is near the beginning of the sound – but not at the very beginning. The rapping sound starts relatively quietly and works up to a maximum before it then starts to decay. This effect has been seen in all ten of the poltergeist cases studied.

The question arises as to how such a sound is generated. There is New evidence which points to the sound arising from within the structure of a material rather than from the surface of it, as would be the case with a normally-produced rapping sound. This phenomenon will be examined further in future investigations of poltergeist activity.

Dr Colvin states: “Ever since my personal involvement in the investigation of a rapping poltergeist at Andover, Hampshire, in which it was absolutely clear that no normal explanation could account for the observed phenomena, I wondered whether the recorded raps were in any way different to those produced by normal methods. It is now clear that they are indeed different”.

Among the samples submitted for analysis were recordings made in the famous Enfield poltergeist case in north London during 1977-79


Thornton Heath, England

poltergeistBack in the 70’s a family was tormented by poltergeist , they were woken in the middle of the night by radio that had somehow turned itself on full volume and had tuned itself to a foreign-station. For the next 4 years they were tormented by this apparition.

Christmas 1972 and there was no let up on the activity, one occupant was injured by a ornament being thrust across the room and striking him on the head. There was also reports of the Christmas tree being shaken and other objects being thrown around. The New Year did not improve their situation, with a ghost invading their bedroom and could be heard walking around, although it was only seen by the couples son.
He reported that the ghost was dressed in what he described as “old fashioned clothes” he also reported that the apparition looked at him with an intimidating stare.
This would lead me to say that along with the poltergeist, must be a spirit or maybe more than one of each. With it lasting 4 years it is conceivable that the original Poltergeist had attracted other ghostly being’s to the house.

As time moved on the families fears had grown when doors were being banged and thrown open, even with other witnesses being present.

They asked their local church to bless the house, but that had failed to get rid of all the evil spirits at work in this house. By this stage it is hard to get rid of all supernatural spirits that are at work on this house, they have made it their home and the living is not welcome.

With rumors saying that one of the Poltergeist/ghost or Phantom maybe a farmer by the name of Chatterton that resided in that house in 1750’s.
There is enough evidence to say that a Phantom was at work with the family reporting loud noises that sounded like furniture being moved, but upon inspection nothing had been moved, classic signatures of a phantom at work.
Lucky for the family when they moved the spirits did not follow and the new owners did not report any supernatural phenomena.


Enfield, North London 1977

0Poltergeist are at work again with the usual mischief on their young victims, Janet and her 10 year old brother Pete. Their mother was a lone parent after her divorce.

Stress in a household is well known to attract Poltergeist activity and this case was no different with the mother being divorced and the children missing their father.

When the children were in their bedroom at night the children would come downstairs and complain to their mother that their bed was “moving about and doing funny things” Keeping up with the tradition of a “joker“ poltergeist they will stop if a adult is about to find out about them, thus keeping the “game” going. The Poltergeist is not disappointed when the mother accused them of making it up.

The Poltergeist then started to act strange (for a Poltergeist that is.) It wanted to be found out and attract as much attention as possible. This is strange as the spirits usually only make themselves known to the family and some others that they feel are of no threat to them. A Psychic or such likes normally need to work hard to get them to reveal themselves, usually the Psychic will normally only feel they are spirits about without any tangible evidence.

This tends to make me think that it was maybe the work of Janet the daughter as the sceptic’s believe. This does not explain how when they ran from the house to a neighbours house, the neighbours could still hear the banging and such like still going on. This is also the case when police where called and they heard the banging and searched the house and found no one there, indeed one police officer signed a report that he himself had seen a chair move across the floor with no apparent means.

As various people witnessed these strange happenings it makes it more and more likely that a Poltergeist was at work, but wither it was the evil or mischief type I can’t say.

When Maurice Gross of the Society for Psychical Research turned up to investigate the case, the phenomenon grow to almost a nightly occurrence, with drawers being pulled out, lego bricks getting thrown along with marbles that all seemed hot to touch afterwards. What was more disturbing is the fact that there was small fires started and always put back out almost immediately. Mr Grosse spent two years investigating this case and I am sure that their must have been something in this case for this amount of time spent on it.

What would you do if the furniture in your house began to mysteriously rearrange itself? What if ghostly apparitions clad in garments of prior eras appeared and disappeared without a trace--right in front of you?
What would you do if the furniture in your house began to mysteriously rearrange itself? What if ghostly apparitions clad in garments of prior eras appeared and disappeared without a trace–right in front of you?


In 1998, Jane Fishman, a reporter for the Savannah Morning News, began a series of articles about a possibly haunted antique bed in the home of Al Cobb of Savannah, Georgia. Mr Cobb bought the vintage bed at an auction as a gift for his 14-year-old son.

A few days after being given the gift, he told his father that he was not comfortable with the bed as he could feel is if someone was leaning on his pillow and also could feel a cold breeze on his neck. It was also reported that he was feeling sick and a family picture was knocked over and again the next night.

When the 14 year old went back to his room after breakfast, laying on the bed was some kids toys. He then proceeded to leave paper and crayons and asked if anyone was there, and promptly left the room. On his return with other members of his family, the paper had written on it in child like writing Danny 7.

When left on his own Al Cobb continued to communicate with the ghost by the same means. It is reported that the mother of Danny had died in that bed in the late 1890’s and was adverse to the fact of anyone else sleeping in his mother’s bed.

Reports of Poltergeist activity; furniture being move, chairs being pushed over etc. Danny was not the only supernatural person there, as contact was made with other spirits, Jill, Gracie and uncle Sam.

Researchers say that the bed was not the haunted item, it was the house itself and with particular attention to the wall that the bed was placed against. It was found to have electromagnetic energy that had brought out the boys psychic ability.

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