The cycle of the werewolf * Stephen King

Cycle of the Werewolf is a short horror novel by Stephen King, featuring illustrations by renowned comic book artist Bernie Wrightson. Each chapter is a short story unto itself. It tells the story of a werewolf haunting a small town as the moon turns full once every month. It was published as a limited edition hardcover in 1983 by Land of Enchantment, and in 1985 as a mass-market trade paperback by Signet.

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Wonderful – epic – a book where werewolves did not have to show their abs to grab an audience!
This is the story of a city terrorized every month by a supernatural being, a werewolf. The only survivor, a crippled child, is able to identify the monster as the local reverend and attract him into a trap that will in the end kill the monster.

What I love about this book is the second chapter which talks about love:

cycle2Love would be like a kiss at dawn … or the last kiss, the real one, at the end of the Harlequin romance stories … love would be like roses in twilight …
Love would be like the rough feel of a man’s cheek, that rub and scratch
(love love is coming, love has come)
It is a man, that man, and he is so wickedly handsome. (wickedness yes love would be like wickedness) and he has come this moon-decked night and he will take her.

But love! Love is like … is like … like a scream

“Lover,” she whispers, and closes her eyes.

It falls upon her.

Love is like dying.


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