Mr Peabody and Sherman Poetry


Going Wabac

by Graeme King

“Now Sherman, set the WABAC to Eleven Sixty-three,
we’ll head to France and see the King and Queen,
to warn them of the revolution that is soon to be,
and give them plans to build a guillotine.

“Oh! Hello all, Peabody here – with my boy, Sherman, too,
our time machine’s the best invention yet,
you look at us and shake your head?
Incredible but true:a dog who has a young boy for a pet!

“Most every week we journey back to sort out history,
so many things need fixing in the past,
why, Alexander owes his greatness to my boy and me,
without us, Asia wouldn’t be so vast!

“We helped Napoleon conquer half the world (that’s what we do)
I put the modern tactics in his head,
he then refused to listen and he met his Waterloo,
as we helped out the English side instead!

“I sat beside young Isaac Newton when the apple dropped,
he wondered why it fell from off the tree,
I told him of a theory he could help the world adopt:
The Old Peabody Law of Gravity!

“We climbed up with Sir Edmund, to the highest mountain peak,
(he needed more than Sherpas as a guide)
he needed quite a fast descent, his body was too weak,
I built a sled for Hilary to ride!

“We met with Tutankhamen, back beside the river Nile,
he wouldn’t take advice from dogs with kids
-but by the time we left old Egypt, he had quite a smile,
we’d showed him how to build the pyramids!

“So, if you have a problem and you can’t find any joy,
just try to smile, despite the foggy view,
’cause somewhere out in time is me, Peabody,
and my boy,and we just might be wabac-ing to YOU!”

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