Fear Nothing * Dean Koontz

Christopher Snow suffers from a rare genetic disorder – xeroderma pigmentosum – which means his skin and eyes cannot be exposed to sunlight, so his life begins at midnight. Set in the town of Moonlight Bay, a place of picturesque beauty and haunting strangeness, FEAR NOTHING is a startling and compulsive masterpiece of tension.


‘The night-time setting and peculiarly burdened hero make for instant atmosphere. Koontz is at his best’ (The Express on Sunday )

‘This is a moral fable for the turn of the millennium, an engagingly written, hugely entertaining parable for our times’

This, the first of Dean Koontz’s new trilogy of stories set in the town of Moonlight Bay, is another example of Koontz’s ability to develop characters that you can really feel for. Another page turning experience that engrosses you into the heart of the action. Christopher Snow and his trusty dog are thrown into the heart of a government conspiracy with a twist, genetic defects with both horrific results but with a flipside resulting in characters that will leave you thinking…is that possible?!!

As you can tell i love this book, hell, i love all his books. The follow up book Sieze The Night is already available and i have read this also (see my review of that also) and again continues the saga, however it is important to note that the books are stand alone stories, reading one does not commit the reader to reading them all. Without any doubt Koontz has written a story that will captivate the reader and they, like myself, will no doubt want to follow the characters stories onwards.

A fine book from the king of horror, admittedly yes this book contains less frights than say a ‘typical’ Koontz novel but that’s not the beauty of this book, it is the questions raised and the emotions brought on by the action of the book, a fast paced action that does indeed scare the reader at times, more than once I felt those wonderful Koontz induced shivers down my spine. Congratulations to the author on another wonderful example of how horror should be written!! BUY BUY BUY!!!

Jules rating: 4/5
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