I had the misfortune of picking this book up as well for the same reason – I loved “A song of Ice and Fire” and I was sadly disappointed to see how rubbish the book was… Too much 60’s for my liking and not enough Tolkien.


Like many people I first heard the name George R.R. Martin when I started to read the Song of Ice and Fire book series. Not a big ragfantasy series fan I’d turned my nose up at them for years, and what a fool I was. Looking into Martin’s back story I found he was actually a well established writer having covered several genres not just fantasy. I’d just never read any of them. However, while waiting in Old Street in London recently, I was hanging around a book shop and found a Martin book with the eye of Sauron on the front cover. Faster than you can say ‘Mordor is coming’, I’d snatched it up.

The Armageddon Rag is a book about nostalgia and clinging to the idea that the 60’s were the best of times. Its about how that decade saved and destroyed so many. It follows the exploits…

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