Making your own incense allows you to use fragrances and blends that you particularly enjoy. Read about how to make incense, and then try some of the following recipes.

In the recipes, one “part” can be any size depending on how much incense you want to make. For instance, 1 part could be 1 gram, 1 teaspoon, or 1 cup. If you decide 1 part should represent 1 teaspoonful, then use that measurement consistently throughout the recipe you are blending.
If you don’t have a particular ingredient in the right form, you can often substitute other forms. For example, if you don’t have frankincense resin, try substituting a few drops of frankincense essential oil for each part in the recipe. If you don’t have lavender essential oil, substitute dry lavender flowers. Feel free to experiment.
Full Moon Incense (soothing)
3 parts Frankincense resin
1 part Sandalwood powder
Sun Incense (energizing)
3 parts Frankincense resin
2 parts Sandalwood powder
1 part Bay leaf
1 pinch Saffron
few drops of Orange essential oil
Prosperity Incense (optimistic)
2 parts Frankincense resin
1 part Cinnamon powder
1 part ground Nutmeg
1 part Lemon Balm (can use the herb from tea bags–check to be sure there are no other ingredients in the tea)
Holiday Incense (cheerful, relaxing)
2 parts Pine needles or resin
1 part Cedar powder or resin
1 part Juniper berries
2 parts Frankincense
(This blend is nice to burn on a log in the fireplace.)
Love Incense (romantic)
2 parts Sandalwood powder
1/2 part Basil
1/2 part Bergamot
few drops of Rose essential oil
few drops of Lavender essential oil
Shiva Blend (assertiveness)
5 parts Sandalwood powder
2 parts Myrrh resin
1 part ground Cloves
Meditation or Prayer Incense (spiritual)
3 parts Myrrh resin
1 Part Cinnamon powder
3 parts Frankincense resin