The girl who loved Tom Gordon * Stephen King

The world has teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted. Trisha McFarland discovered this when she was 9 years old. Lost in the woods.

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My shelves seem to be weighed under with books – and at least two of them with King -so I was somewhat reluctant to read a story which the back cover described as having a basis in baseball. Ok I’d bought the book -I buy a lot – Im a collector. So it sat on the shelf for a while and every now and then I’d pick it up – toy with the idea of reading it and go on to something more ‘substantial’.

Guess what? No big surprise – when I eventually got round to reading it I found I was once again drawn into Kings world – but with a difference. Tom Gordon has structure – simplicity and above all else a satisfying conclusion.

Too many of Kings books – much as love them – seem to flounder with plot and constructive endings.He seems to love the idea of the story but seem unable to resolve it for the reader.

This is why the short story is his medium in my opinion. He can plot and write vivid desciptions and not let his pen wander.

And this book is basically a novella – it deals with one very simple idea and works on it and grows it organically.

Sure it mentions baseball but its got nothing to do with the story which at its heart is about courage – fear and overcoming the odds.

You know what its about – so I wont spoil the detail. It’s Kings best read in a long time – a mature read that made me -a 36 year old man – well up and almost – i said almost shed a tear.

Read it.

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