Simplicity and magic on the dance floor – The Berezka from Russia

Meet the “Beriozka” dance group, Russian by origin, who show us a charming traditional dance called “Berezka”.

The choreography of this dance is special by its sensible and charming moves and you can’t help be captivated by the natural and perfect synchronization of steps and the way the dancers group on the stage.

The folk dance is each country’s own way of expressing themselves and also a way through which dancers show their love and affection for anything that is precious to them. With deep roots in the rural space, these remarkable shows vary from region to region and can be found in a variety of rythms.
The dancers can be seen in long, flowing dresses, making small steps one after another – giving the impression that they float in the air.
The coloured handkerchiefs, the branches of green leaves and the red of the dress are accessories which give an optimistic vibe to the entire move.

“Dancing is surely the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. Nothing else can so effectively give outward form to an inner experience.

Poetry and music exist in time.

Painting and architecture are a part of space.

But only the dance lives at once in both space and time. In it the creator and the thing created, the artist and the expression, are one. Each participates completely in the other.

There could be no better metaphor for an understanding of the mechanics of the cosmos.”

― Lyall Watson, Gifts of Unknown Things: A True Story of Nature, Healing, and Initiation from Indonesia’s Dancing Island

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