50 shades of women’s fantasies of ensnaring a rich guy

I finally gave in. After years of mediatic abuse, first caused by the book release and then by the “phenomenon” which is “50 shades of grey”, I went to the movies tonight and I think I was one of the most immature people in the audience. (The rest being sexually frustrated women over 40 who hadn’t seen a naked guy in years)
First thing’s first: I need to change my hairstyle. It never occured to me that my daily scruffy style with bangs in my eyes is so popular among sadistic rich people.
movies-fifty-shades-of-grey-05Second, thank God I am not a literature graduate – ’cause I’d be desperate to find a job when I graduate! This poor chick chose poorly not only in love but in future career possibilities. She was so naive! What 20-odd year-old with her looks would still be a virgin? She was good in her role, breathing out sensuality in every scene so that was cool. Her body is also awesome – especially in the butt department, but a bit lacking on the boobs area. I have never seen so many nipple shots since Game of Thrones!



Christian Grey is an eye candy! So hot! (So damn hot that even other characters in the movie have to stop and mention how hot he is!). He’s a very well built man! And I think I chuckled like a schoolgirl on her first date when he kept on taking his shirt off during different scenes. Cute nipples man! And that V shaped body … yum!



I would totally be lying if I said I did not enjoy the awesome soft-porn. The movie is totally tame and it’s only 40 minutes in that we see Mr. Grey’s Red Room of pleasure. And another 10 minutes in when they make love (missionary style) in a very old fashioned bed in an very old fashioned hotel room.

The kinky part is really cute – he barely caresses her with whips and feathers and doesn’t do anything other couples don’t do when they want to spice up their relationship.

14045798The sex scenes were really hot. So hot that the lady next to me was chuckling nervously and the one in front of me brought up her mobile phone and started recording the entire thing!

I remember reading somewhere that a man complained about the buzzing sound in the cinema where he went and also another one got thrown out for complaining to a woman that she was moaning too loud (lol).

On a serious note, this movie is kinda bad – it tries to normalize BDSM (while generalizing on a few wider known aspects and not dwelling deep enough on the emotional connection two people develop) and also tries to portray abusive and jealous behaviour as either norm or related to BDSM. Not cool.

Think how different this movie would have been if he were a McDonald’s server and not a rich millionaire?


I have read the first book of the trilogy and it had a LOT more sex scenes than the movie. And in the book it’s so obvious he’s a deranged son of a bitch! And she at least has some pretense at love until she opens her eyes at him in the last beating scene. Awful.


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