Happy New Lunar Year

The 2015 Chinese Year is the 32 number in the sixty-year cycle called YI WEI and described in Chinese tradition like “Sheep respected by Others”. 2015 is the year of Green Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat).

The upcoming 2015 year of the Sheep is the inspiring period; it will try to leave behind any unstable affair and connections with the aim to carve a new more honest pattern of relations.

Personality of Sheep (Ram, Goat)

The Sheep, oddly enough, is thought to be the most feminine sign of the zodiac, perhaps because this is a very creative sign. The Sheep is artistically talented, and has a great sense of fashion. Chances are that this type will prefer to be a designer or painter, or go into the kind of profession where he can make the most of his gift for creating beautiful things.

These people are considerate creatures – they think before acting, and are trying not to hurt somebody else’s feelings. In case such occasion took place and ram person caused unforeseen problems, there is more chances he/she will step forward to rectify the situation. This certain side of their character usually not only helps them to maintain a healthy social life enables them to deal with life’s ups and downs.

It is very important to remember that sympathy is very important to these people and so is the approval of people they respect. However they sometimes require too much attention and impose too much on those who close.

Sometimes they are too sensitive for the real world, as they often have some misinterpret with the situations. People born in this year are insecure. They need to feel loved and protected. They are easily drawn into complex predicaments. This being, so, they usually shy from confrontation, pull back when faced with heavy decision-making and blatantly refuse to take an unpopular stand in a conflict.

They are also wanderers by nature and are happy to set off on journeys to meet new people and to see the world. It is often the simple things in life that give them the most pleasure; a wonderful view, a beautifully created object or an inspiring piece of music will help these people feel happy and entranced. Such people can be lazy sometimes. If ram person has any choices, he/she would definitely choose to marry a wealthy person and sit back for the rest of his/her life. The urge to follow their inner instincts also reveals an obstinate streak, and this desire to find their dream can make them dissatisfied with their present possessions. Sometimes good opportunities do come their way but it is hard for such people to make a quick decision. Life’s comforts are very important for these people and you they hate put them at the risk.

Sheep Love Affairs

These people are very romantic sensitive, sweet and darling. In relationship, they could be sometimes a little bit bossy and lazy, but with their gentle and caring nature, it will be hard to resist them.

On the weak side, we can say that people born in the year of the ram need to feel secure in love and if partner behaves coolly and unpredictably it can make the ram person feel very unsure of his/her. They are so emotional people, that it is easy to move them to tears, although it is often hard to explain why they were crying. More over these people are often too shy to express their emotions, and as a result they may miss good romantic opportunities. It is insufferable difficult for these people to approach a stranger and make a conversation, and so they are more likely to meet a partner through friends.

They do not like to be obliged in a relationship. While these people are gentle and romantic, in need of protection, their creative spirit should not be suppressed. Some people may treat their absent-mindedness as thoughtlessness, but it is not in their nature to upset other people intentionally.

Sheep Career

First of all it would be right to say that due to indecisive nature, people born in the year of ram like to study the esoteric in order to know more about the unknown. They enjoy reading books about horoscope and fortune-telling. Therefore, there is nothing unusual if you find such person working as an astrologer or a fortune-teller.

They possess a power to turn their fortune around – just when everything seems bleak, hopeless, and despairing something or someone turns up to help. They should avoid routine jobs or ones that demand continual focus attention on small daily problems. Rigid schedules make such people feel trapped, and their easy sense of timekeeping could land them in trouble in a strictly regulated job.

It is often happens that ram people have a flair for art and design and enjoy all kinds of creative work. The idea of having to fight for a position or compete with others induces worry and stress, so they should choose something that provides them with an element of freedom and peace.

Ideal Job for the Sheep Include

Actor, Painter, Musician, Landscape gardener, Television presenter, Dancer, Escort, Investor, Shareholder. They are suited to a career in the arts, advertising or research.

  • Lucky Colors: brown, red, purple
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
  • Lucky Flowers: carnation, primrose
  • Year of Birth: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027
  • Equivalent Western Sign: Cancer
  • Element EARTH
  • Yin/Yang YANG
  • Direction SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST


Some Famous Sheep:

Pamela Anderson, Jane Austen, Anne Bancroft, George Burns, Leslie Caron, Catherine Deneuve, Robert De Niro, John Denver, Mel Gibson, George Harrison, Julio Englesias, Buster Keaton, Mick Jagger, Sir Laurence Olivier, Vangelis, John Wayne, Bruce Willis, Debra Winger.

Compatible with : Rabbit, Pig, Horse
Less Compatible with : Monkey, Snake, Rat, Dragon, Tiger, Ram
Least Compatible with : Ox, Rooster, Dog


Both enjoy many of the same things and know how to spice things up for each other. The Sheep is homely while the Horse is adventurous.  Both need to work out their differences in this area. The Horse demands space and the Sheep needs tender loving care. The Horse is easygoing with the Sheep bringing purpose and laughter to the Sheep’s life. The Horse is drawn by the Sheep’s charm and helplessness. The Sheep finds the romantic flair and self confidence of the Horse very attractive.

The Sheep having a kind-hearted nature compassionately overlooks the Horse’s selfishness and fluctuating moods. The Sheep will make adjustments to fit the Horse. The Sheep must learn to be less possessive and give the Horse more space to maneuver. They both appreciate each other very much and this could be a very happy relationship. They make good partners in love and in business.


The matter-of-fact attitude of the Dog would naturally disapprove of the Sheep’s indulgent character which will make the Sheep even more pessimistic. The Dog can be sympathetic but not always willing to sugar coat things to pacify the Sheep’s sensitivity. The Sheep needs a lot of empathy and support but the Dog can be unconcerned and even be annoyed by the Sheep’s constant complaints and self-gratification attitude. This relationship will probably not work as each tends to bring out the other’s negative traits.

Conflicts characterize this relationship, making the Dog and Sheep more irritable than they usually are. The practical and straightforward Dog will be irked by the Sheep’s sentimentality, and will respond unsympathetically with sharp comments. This is not the way to handle the normally unselfish Sheep, who will be sensitive to such remarks and become dejected at the Dog’s direct methods.

Find more on http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/horoscopes/relationship-compatibility-for-the-sheep.html

Positive: The Goat can be appealing, altruistic, creative, empathetic, intuitive, generous, artless, gentle, romantic, sensitive, compliant, candid and self-effacing darlings.

Negative: The Goat can also be self-pitying, pessimistic, fugitive, parasitic, vengeful, lazy, indecisive, contentious, violent, capricious, irresponsible, tardy, careless, bigoted, nasty little pieces of work.


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