I think I’m in love… with Ed Sheeran

And possibly my best friend too. I feel that spring is in the air and my spirits run high. I’m feeling giddy when I think I shall return home to find the guy I want to be with forever and ever waiting there for me.

He loves me, I know it. I see it in the way he smiles at me, the way his usually worried face goes through a metamorphosis (much like a butterfly) and shines bright with happiness. I’m the same. When he’s with me, resting his head in my lap, touching my butt casually as I walk past, running at me full speed from the kitchen to give me a cuddle on the couch. * pardon me, sofa *
He still cooks for two on Sundays and I am loving the care I am getting 🙂

563ee7d8141692058004751864_700wa_0I love him loads and since I found this beautiful love song from Ed Sheeran – I have been listening to it on repeat. Imagining him with me (not Ed, my beloved).
I want to slow dance with him, I want to put my head on his shoulder, feel him as he takes me in his strong arms, bask in the warmth of his gaze, drift slowly into nothingness as nothing really matters when I’m with him.

Sorry for the cheese 🙂

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