You shouldn’t get married on Valentine’s day this year. Why?

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s becoming increasingly harder to either pretend you’re immune to anything red with sparkly hearts or stop yourself from buying up the entire Hallmark display, depending on your stance. Americans tend to be very pro- or very anti-February 14th, which is why it may come as a surprise to know that over 2.2 million people get married on Valentines Day.
Wedding bells on the day of romance? We say nay.

1. You’ll have the same wedding anniversary as everyone else. Come Valentine’s Day each year, millions of couples will prepare to wed or celebrate however many years they’ve been together. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have an anniversary on some random day in August when it could be celebrated privately and without the overbearing influence of greeting card companies?

2. If your friends get married on Valentine’s Day, guess what you’ll be doing as a guest? Yep, attending the wedding. This means your plans for a boy-bashing night with your girls or a romantic dinner with your own man are totally ruined. It seems especially unfair to invite V-Day haters to your wedding on the day they dread most.

kissingcouple3. Too much romance in one day. Save some for the rest of the year! Valentines Day is already a holiday designed to ensure that people everywhere will experience a little extra lovin’ from their partner or spouse, whether it’s their wedding or not. Why not separate nuptials from Valentines Day in order to enjoy two special, extra lovely days out of the year?

Valentines-Day-Ring-Gift-Photo4. It’s expected. No need to hype up the overly dramatic holiday more than it already is. Getting married on Valentines Day is the ultimate cliché and is sure to illicit dozens of comments and questions over the years due to the controversial nature of the hearts n’ huns holiday.

5. The weather. Does no one seriously ever consider this? Kind of hard to celebrate an eternal joining of the hearts when it’s drab, dreary, and freakin’ freezing outside.

With that being said, congratulations to everyone getting married on Valentines Day, and an extra special congratulations to the couples not getting married on Valentines Day. Now where are those truffles?

What do you think about getting married on Valentines Day?

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