Be aware of the silent woman


You would never leave your loved one when you love them. You could never conceive ignoring them when you care about them. You would not be silent when you hold someone dear.
You see, love is equal in every shape and love dictates if you should be with someone or not.

Washing the dishes in the kitchen after dinner, giving a massage, keeping a conversation going, being there when you need to, wishing happiness – all these things are more beautiful and more visible than simply loving someone. Or maybe this is what love is after a while, when for your beloved you would do more, you would be more.

When all this is missing, when you are indifferent of the other at home, when you decide to watch the TV instead of listening – then you should not rejoice. You are possibly not loving or are loved by the other anymore.

“Love need not speak volumes. It need not demand proof. It never has a happy ending – simply because it doesn’t end as long as love is pure and true”
― Amit Abraham

Despite this, love does ask for proof. You would be naive to think that her, the woman of your life, being so much in love with you, could not be jealous anymore. You would be naive to consider indifference for calm, a demonstration of calm and quiet. She will not be silent if she cares about you – be it now or in the future.
She will not stop asking, if she cares, if she suspects, if she wants to be with you.

A woman is never silent. Not if she cares

Yes, she might sometimes cry alone in her bedroom or on a girlfriend’s shoulder – but not because of love – it’s because she feels helpless. She will retreat and not get involved and the distance will eventually split the love right through the middle.

Men would probably feel a surge of pride and satisfaction when they see that she will not nag them anymore, pestering him with questions about his daily life, his work or whether he is still angry with his best friend. They would think that she finally gets how annoying he thinks these type of questions are and how much it bothers them. They will love the feeling of quietness around the house without thinking on the long term happiness effects.

Her side is different. She regrets, wants to quit, suffers in silence and does not love anymore.

If you are a man and you are reading this – keep in your mind – a woman might respect you, love you, be there for you all the time. If a fracture happens, there is nothing bringing her back to you.

Be sincere, love freely and show that you care, ask and be asked, talk and be close to each other.

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