hobbit-gandalf-art-1440x900Just let me sit with you awhile
We don’t have to say a thing
Or we can visit through the day
and well into the night
Either way will be alright

Just let me sit with you
While the world is far away
While the troubles of the day
Fade, fade away

Let me tell you ’bout
all the things I meant to do
but never got around to

c922ebb16fde56ce4942073435afe71f_largeLet me tell you ’bout
my hopes and dreams
and things that never came to

Let me ask you why
you loved me
when all I ever did
was fail you

I know you’ll say,
that’s not true
Maybe it is
Maybe it isn’t

002What I do know
is that you love me, Lord,
by all the times you
came through for me
when you didn’t have to

And I know you already know
every word I’m gonna say
every thought I’m gonna think
every feeling I’m gonna feel
before the words leave my lips
before I can put two thoughts together
or break a tear
or crack a smile

The-Hobbit-The-Battle-Of-The-Five-Armies-Gandalf-And-Bilbo-ImagesJust the same,
thanks for sittin here with me
with the cold all around
and lettin me ramble

Nice hangin out
with a friend

Just watchin
the snow