Why do they drive on the left in some countries and on the right in others?

It goes back to the fact that most humans are right-handed. Long before we had modern weapons such as guns and automobiles, people had to do battle using swords and horses. Now if you are right-handed, you wear your sword on the left, so that you can draw it out rapidly with your right hand.… Continue reading Why do they drive on the left in some countries and on the right in others?

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The Interpretation of Dreams

Since the start of time, people have been curious about what a dream means, especially when it's a re-occurring one. Drill down in the thoughts of the subconscious mind by readind the words of one of the greatest psychologists so far. “Properly speaking, the unconscious is the real psychic; its inner nature is just as… Continue reading The Interpretation of Dreams


Psychology – Right Brain, Left Brain

This is a short article explaining how the left and right brain hemispheres work and the most common misconceptions about this. The so-called left-brain person is thought to be linear, logical, analytical, and unemotional; and the right-brained person is thought to be spatial, creative, mystical, intuitive, and emotional. While such adjectives may describe people to… Continue reading Psychology – Right Brain, Left Brain


How to instantly connect with anyone

Some people, regardless of money, education, looks or personality, make an impression wherever they go - they are master communicators, and everyone enjoys talking to them. How to Instantly Connect with Anyone shows you how to be one of those lucky few. We have read this book recently and we were quite impressed by the… Continue reading How to instantly connect with anyone

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The Fine Art of “Squirrel Hunting”

The Unofficial Guide to Dating, Again explains the range of dating options available today and provides practical tools that will help readers assess their needs, research their options, and make decisions accordingly. The most frequent problem I hear from single clients is that of how and where to search for a partner.  Many of them… Continue reading The Fine Art of “Squirrel Hunting”

Poetry, Stephen King

The Dark Man (Poetry) (Stephen King)

Published in "Ubris", 1969 and later in Moth, 1970. I have stridden the fuming way of sun-hammered tracks and smashed cinders; I have ridden rails and bumed sterno in the gantry silence of hob jungles: I am a dark man. I have ridden rails and passed the smuggery of desperate houses with counterfeit chimneys and… Continue reading The Dark Man (Poetry) (Stephen King)

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Dark Tower Book 1 – The Gunslinger

The fantastic meets supernatural prose with this book Stephen King rules once more! I loved this book as this is just the first small step in a long journey. The best part can be seen in the following article. The Gunslinger, the first in Stephen King's epic Dark Tower series, is a beautifully crafted novel… Continue reading Dark Tower Book 1 – The Gunslinger


Behold a pale horse (William Cooper)

A former member of the U.S. Naval Intelligence briefing team reveals information that the government has kept secret since the 1940s, on topics ranging from UFOs and the assassination of JFK to the war on drugs. I have recently read this book and I found it overwhelming. After seeing Zeitgeist and their explanations on how… Continue reading Behold a pale horse (William Cooper)