Spring time in Cluj-Napoca

It was a wonderful Ester break and the first thing I did last Friday was jump on the plane and go and see my folks. There were tears of joy, loads of good food (I think I need to go to the gym every day for the next 6 months to work out the cakes I have eaten!) and mostly, good weather. I had some time on Easter Sunday to go out and meet up with a few friends and since they only see me now every 6 months or so, you can imagine that we have a lot to catch up about.
Who got married? Who got pregnant? How many children does so and so have now? How’s work going? Will you come and visit me?

Cluj-Napoca Eroilor Street
Cluj-Napoca Eroilor Street

We go for a walk holding hands like school kids and we talk and we talk until every possible subject is exhausted. And then we shop ’till we drop! There are two massive shopping malls in Cluj, located at different ends of the city. Iulius Mall is located in Gheorgheni, next to Marasti (the neighbourhood I grew up in) and the other one is Polus Shopping Centre, located at the exit from Cluj-Napoca towards Floresti – and it’s comparable in size to the Milton Keynes shopping centre.

Shopping in Polus Center with my BFF
Shopping in Polus Center with my BFF

We usually don’t do all the shopping in one day but meet up the next day and go for a walk in the other one (so that we don’t miss any sales) and who knows? We may find that one elusive dress, that one last accessory that will make an evening going out as one to remember.
We walk then around the beautiful lake outside the mall. It’s amazing how good the people with the planning permissions were! I have heard rumors that the guys that were building Iulius Mall had a look at the tiny artificial lake outside the mall and thought about covering it up and making a bigger parking. The guys at the mayor’s office said no, we keep the park, you have a tiny parking space here and whatever you do inside the building and they kept the lake untouched.

Over the years, they even put little tiny fountains in the far-most corner.

The most beautiful place to visit in the spring time is the central park. The air is crisp, the waters are clear and the scenery is breadth-taking.

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