Stephen King's IT (The Clown That Loved Too Much)

Stephen King IT BOOK
7 children brought together by an immortal monster re-unite in Derry, Maine after 27 years to kill it for good.
I would not understand, even know, why they would call this a novel when it was such a good horror story.A Novel: fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism.
It’s true, each of the 7 main characters plays an important role and even the point of view of the bad guys is presented. The action takes place in 1957-1958 when the children are young and set to find the killer of Bill Denborough’s brother, George, and also in 1985 when they re-unite to kill the monster for good. The main characters are:
Bill Denborough -Big Bill as they call him. The leader of the gang, the one pointing out the course of action, the one that has the most motivation to see the monster dead. Ginger and with a terrible stutter, he grows up to become a successful writer and marries Audra, a beautiful actress who resembles Beverly a lot. His power phrase is: “He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts”, which is a phrase used to fight stutter. With this phrase he wounds IT for the first time and uses it to get rid of the ghoul of Georgie 27 years later.

Beverly Marsh – the only girl in the gang, with a defining red hair and green eyes, always wearing boyish clothes, except for the time she visits Eddie in the hospital when she takes on a dress. She is just getting into womanhood and she has a massive crush on Big Bill. The stories with Bevvie are either heart-crushingly sad, telling a tale of parental abuse and then marital abuse, and also triumphant, because in the end she stands up to the two men who beat her and makes a stand.
What I really liked about her was the fact that she held all the boys together and even after the first fight with IT, she glues them more by becoming more than their first crush. She loves them all but she adores Bill.
Her phrase is: “Sometimes, Bev, I worry a LOT.” – said by her father.

Ben Hanscom – or Haystack – he is the architect in the lot. Fat in his childhood, he undergoes a drastic weight loss in his adulthood, motivated by the hate for the track team coach. He is silent and also has a crush on Bev – that she finds out about and returns it. The Haiku she received in the post was from him. From the gang, he’s the one to stay with Bev forever, taking her with him to Nebraska after her abusive SOB of a husband is killed by IT.

Eddie Kasbarak- Red haired and thin, Eddie is the navigator of the group. He guides them through the Derry sewage system and then back out. He is suffering from “imaginary” asthma caused by an overprotective mother. He is quite brave, joining the gang in the hunt for IT even with a broken arm. He uses his aspirator to spray acid on the EYE and also saves Bill and Richie when they fight IT for the last time. He dies in the Canal, from blood loss.
His trademark is the wheezing sound he makes when nervous.

Stan Uris. Stan the MAN. He’s the bird lover, always proper, always neat. He’s the Jew of the bunch but with a good, and sometimes odd, sense of humor. He deflects the giant bird and the lepper by calling bird names. He commits suicide in the bath before attending the second meeting.

Mike Hanlon – the Nigger boy. I know it’s bad to say this, but I never even thought of Mike Hanlon being black until the story about his father’s army days. He’s the librarian, the keeper, and he’s the one to call them all back to Derry when IT appears again. He is hospitalized before the final battle with a cut femural artery and nearly killed by a messenger of IT. He delivers one good blow to Henry and Eddie finishes that rotten one off. He’s quite poor compared to the other members of the group who left Derry but he does OK for himself as a town librarian. He’s collected and trustworthy and has a good pair of nuts. Loved the scene from the Ironworks where he defends himself against the IT bird.

Richie Tozzier. Man of 1000 voices. His impersonation of the Irish cop is both funny and a life saver, especially in the final battle. Him and Bill really dish it out good to IT and finally kill it while Ben kills all the IT babies. His trashmouth is usually stopped by “Beep Beep, Richie” which is said with amusement.
IT – or better said SHE. It came from outer space, the MACROUNIVERSE, before time started and found the Earthlings a good source of food. Especially the ones with a rich imagination as it could scare them better. And there’s nothing like a good scare to put some salt in the meat and make it taste better. IT is the evil, the Tortoise is the Good and the overseer created them both to watch. The Tortoise barfed up the universe when it had a bad stomach, and IT went through it (a portion of it either way) down to Earth where it made Derry its sheep pen. Malvolent and with a rich set of mirrors, it could be every nightmare. But as it soon discovers, once trapped in a form, it will also gain the weak points – meaning the Werewolf could be hurt with a silver bullet. And the kids do just that.
I loved this book. I read it slow and it was long. The action escalated nearing the end and the time kept passing between 1958 and 1985 showing the way they wounded and killed IT. What I really liked about this book was the open way it shows racial discrimination in the 50’s, homophobia in the 80’s, school bullying, mental cases, mass ignorance, heard mentality, people coping with death, spousal abuse, domestic abuse and thank God it stopped in Bev’s case before showing incest.
The second reason I loved the book? The clear love between the friends, the feeling that you get when you know another human being is ready to die for you, the strong ties of friendship, the lovers in the cave. I did not expect it. Bev made every one of them her lovers. They would not talk about it, they would not mention it again, but they were bound to her forever. And the fact that she stayed with Ben was a smile bringer. He did have the biggest…. treasure … in his pants. 🙂
Overall an A++ from this 1985’s classic

2014 UPDATE:

Pennywise may yet be coming to cinema screens, as Cary Fukunaga is confirmed to still be working on Stephen King’s It…
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