I want a red car! Need for Speed Update

I’ve seen Need for Speed last night (the one with Aaron Paul – the guy from Braking Bad 🙂 ) I have not seen Breaking Bad yet, but it’s definitely on my list of to-do things.
The movie was EXACTLY how I expected it to be. Horrible over-done story line, shit hot cars, racing shots, slow motion shots, explosions everywhere. You wonder why I went to see it if I knew how it was going to be?
Because, when I was growing up, I had a passion for red cars

Need for Speed 2014 Movie

Everyone knows the game – you need to drive your car as recklessly as possible to avoid the cops. The movie is the same. The main hero has a car shop which is in the red because of debts his father incurred that not even $5000 gathered from underground racing can reduce. So he accepts a deal from his most-hated enemy, a rival racer, to build a model car and get 25% of the sale price. So, they build the car, the car gets sold for 2.7 m and the two cocky drivers want to prove their driving worthiness and do a bet. The winner gets the other party’s cash and walks away.
Now, if it were me or any sane being, I would have said “No, thanks, I’ll stick to my cash that will help me rebuild my business, pay out the loans, pay out my staff and maybe hire a new financial director”.
Instead, they get hot-headed and go ahead. They even let a young driver join in (not sure why?) and I was thinking – he’s gonna die, he’s gonna die, he’s gonna die. And he did.


The bad guy, in his desperation to get ahead, he tips the young fella (the one in the white car) and he flips, crashes down, explodes into flames, goes into the river. I felt bad for the car too, it was an Agera:

Running on Biofuel, it’ll reach 273mph in the straights and get you to 200mph in an astonishing 17.68 seconds. If those kind of speeds scare you (and quite frankly, they should), don’t panic! The Agera’s equally extreme braking will take you from 200mph to a dead stop in 7.28 seconds.

He manages to avoid trial by claiming he wasn’t there and there were only two cars racing and our hero does time. (We all know that Americans are paranoid about security so, not having CCTV over the stretch of the race… makes me think they dropped a lot of things to keep the movie going).
When he gets out of jail, he calls the guy who bought his model car and asks him if he could borrow his almost 3m car to race it in an underground event and he’ll get half the profits. Greed has no limits and he says yes.

The Mustang in "Need For Speed" is based on the 2013 Shelby GT500 and billed in the film as the final car famed designer Carroll Shelby was working on at the time of his 2012 death. Shelby was working on 50th anniversary edition of the Mustang when he died at the age of 89, but the car in the movie is a fictionalized.
The Mustang in “Need For Speed” is based on the 2013 Shelby GT500 and billed in the film as the final car famed designer Carroll Shelby was working on at the time of his 2012 death. Shelby was working on 50th anniversary edition of the Mustang when he died at the age of 89, but the car in the movie is a fictionalized design.

He goes on a 44h drive to San Francisco (from New York) and he gets himself invited to the event where top of the cars. Now come the fun bits. I laughed really hard when his friend quits his desk job to do it. In order to burn a bridge with his old place (and possibly get a fine for indecent exposure) he strips naked as he walks out of the building. The other funny bits come from the token black guy (only one I’ve seen all movie) and his mega awesome piloting skills. Seriously, he changes helicopters and planes like I change socks. The bad guys puts out a bounty on the car (enabling any man with enough IQ to pass as human) to go and chase him down and destroy the car (and anyone in it). So,… killing people is OK to earn a bounty in a shape of a car…

His pilot friend helps him by using an army-grade Apache helicopter to fly him off the canyon when he was in pursuit and thus endangering his status in the army (he was still in army jail after 3 months).
Film Review Need for Speed
When he was being carried away I kept thinking that the roof of the car will come off and they will plunge to their death… It must have been one really sturdy car as it didn’t.

Skip ahead to the final race (I went over the boring bit where the Shelby Mustang gets totalled by a truck) and due to a totally expected turn of events, he gets to drive the Agera that the villain used to kill his friend.
The final race is a blood bath. Are you sure Quentin Tarantino did not write this part? From the 6 competitors, only 2 remain in the end due to police stupidity (I mean who the hell tries to stop a racing car by accelerating another car from a hidden view into oncoming traffic?) I think they meant to do the police road blocks from the game but it was cringing to watch in a movie.



So let me explain how this race works. The winner gets to take the other cars home with him. All the cars get destroyed, except the one he came in with. He gets nothing to take home, he does 3 months in jail for reckless driving, he destroyed his greedy benefactor’s car, the token black guy is still in jail and gets to go out with a fit bird. It looks to me he used everybody pass revenge on the guy who killed his friend. And also got a lot of cops & fellow racers killed in the process.

But hey! It was worth it!

The movie is called Need for Speed.
It is not aimed at people who read.
You had better love cars
‘Cause they’re really the stars
Of this shallow high-octane misdeed.

Movie Review: Need for Speed 2/4 stars

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