One Day – One Love Poem – Iubind in taina

Iubind în taină…

Iubind în taină am păstrat tăcere,
Găsind că astfel o să-ţi placă ţie,
Căci în priviri citeam o vecinicie
De-ucigătoare visuri de plăcere.
Dar nu mai pot. A dorului tărie
Cuvinte dă duioaselor mistere;
Vreau să mă-nec de dulcea-nvăpăiere
A celui suflet ce pe al meu ştie.
Nu vezi că gura-mi arsă e de sete
Şi-n ochii mei se vede-n friguri chinu-mi,
Copila mea cu lungi şi blonde plete?
Cu o suflare răcoreşti suspinu-mi,
C-un zâmbet faci gândirea să se-mbete.
Fă un sfârşit durerii – vin la sânu-mi.

Secretly loving you…

Secretly loving you, I kept my silence,
Thinking that you’d be pleased,
‘Cause in your eyes I’d see an eternity
Of softly-killing dreams of pleasure.
But I cannot do this any longer. The strong longing
Gives words to the delicate mysteries;
I would like to drown in the sweet burning
Of that soul that knows mine so well.
Don’t you see that my mouth is burning from thirst,
And see the the pain and chills in my eyes,
Oh you blond haired child of mine?
You cool my sigh with just one breadth,
You make my mind drunk with just a smile.
Put an end to the pain – come to my embrace.

Who is Mihai Eminescu?
All Romanians will answer: Our national poet. He represent the Romanian nation in mankind’s concert. One of the greatest lyrical poets of world literature, comparable with Byron, Shelley or Lermontov, a revolutionary poet in terms of attitude, a poet whose life-span only lasted 39 years (1850-1889), to posterity an inestimable treasure of verse.

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