The Wind Through the Keyhole Graphics

I am enchanted with Stephen King. I read some of his Good Books, some of his OK books and some of his BAD books. With The Dark Tower series, I’m not so sure where I stand. I loved the first few books, up to the Wolves of Calla, but then it kinda started going south as the author got more involved as himself in the story rather than following the normal storyline.

The Wind through the Keyhole is book 4.5 in the lot and it’s magic. It’s a story that old Roland tells his Ka-tet while heading for Calla when they are trapped in a town by a blizzard that only the director of “The Day After Tomorrow” could have envisioned.

The story that old Roland tells is about his younger days, when he was sent on a quest to catch a shape-shifter out in the salt mines. The shape-shifter killed entire families, farm animals and its savagery was unparalleled. When young Roland finds a witness in a young boy, he is doing everything he can to protect this boy and give him courage and in doing so, he tells the boy the story of “The Wind through the Keyhole”, that Roland’s mother used to tell Roland when he was young (and she was not cheating yet).

So, we have Inception going on here. A story, within a story, within a story. That you read. All three connected by the wind. And the starkblast(Eddy was saying that he could see signs that people would wear on cars: I waited out the Starkblast in Gook lol).

The Wind Through the Keyhold by Stephen King Book Review Collage

The graphics in the novel are done by Jae Lee and I must say he is exceptional. The finesse of the brush, the detail of the emotion. It’s really, really … extraordinary.

There’s a book review available on Carra Lucia Books if you want to have a read!

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