Subliminal Messages Defined

INTRODUCTION Subliminal message are being bombarded at you continuously thoughout the day, though books, magazines, television and music. Those who are most effective at using subliminal messages would like  to quickly dismiss the idea as ludicrous, laughable, and completely ineffective. The truth of the matter could not be further away. Subliminal messages are effective! Their … Continue reading Subliminal Messages Defined


You’re acting Funny

Every since civilization started many people have been suffering from psychological disorders such as sadness and strange and awkward behavior.  There have been many of scientists that have tried to figure out the cure for them and treat these disorders. Classifying psychological disorders have their roots back far in ancient times with the Romans and … Continue reading You’re acting Funny


The especial province of the mother is the prevention of disease, not its cure. When disease attacks the child, the mother has then a part to perform, which it is especially important during the epochs of infancy and childhood should be done well. I refer to those duties which constitute the maternal part of the … Continue reading MOTHERS’ ROLE IN COMBATING DISEASES OF CHILDREN


It is highly important that a mother should possess such information as will enable her to detect disease at its first appearance, and thus insure for her child timely medical assistance. This knowledge it will not be difficult for her to obtain. She has only to bear in mind what are the indications which constitute … Continue reading EARLY DETECTION OF DISEASE IN THE CHILD


It should be as like the breast-milk as possible. This is obtained by a mixture of cow's milk, water, and sugar, in the following proportions. Fresh cow's milk, two thirds; Boiling water, or thin barley water, one third; Loaf sugar, a sufficient quantity to sweeten. This is the best diet that can be used for … Continue reading ARTIFICIAL DIET FOR INFANTS

The Angelites, By Richard Moran

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Pages: 195 Self Published Book Description: NYPD Detective, Gina Vasquez, who's life went completely off track after making one near-fatal mistake. After serving prison time, she relocates to New Mexico to start her life over as a county sheriff. After arresting vandals who stole from an artifacts shop, Gina is suddenly thrown into … Continue reading The Angelites, By Richard Moran

Justin Norcott – Hiden City / Atmospheric Art Gallery

Between the 14th and 24th of November, take some time to visit a lovely art gallery located in the middle of London. The exposition is about drawings and paintings from life portraits, cities and imagination through print making. Address The Judith Blacklock Gallery 83 Kinnerton Street London SW1X 8ED View Map Opening Times: Mo-Fri 11am … Continue reading Justin Norcott – Hiden City / Atmospheric Art Gallery

Dean Koontz – Shadowfires

Publication Date: 15 Aug 1991 Paperback: 608 pages Publisher: Headline; New Ed edition (15 Aug 1991) Language: English ISBN-10: 074723681X ISBN-13: 978-0747236818 Rachael Leben's violently possessive ex-husband, Eric, hideously mangled in a freak accident, is dead. But his body has disappeared from the city morgue. Now someone, or something, is watching Rachael. Calling her. Stalking … Continue reading Dean Koontz – Shadowfires

The nuts and bolts of socialization

Socialization is not as easy as it sounds, and to completely understand and it is an on going process throughout life. There are a lot of different parts to socialization so we will try to cover them as brief as possible. The infamous psychologist Sigmund Freud stated that biology pays a significant part in human … Continue reading The nuts and bolts of socialization