The Nanny

There used to be a show when I was growing up called “The Nanny”. The concept was simple – two mismatched people, living under the same roof (same as Dharma and Greg), but they have a business relationship first, her being the nanny of his three children.

She is “outrageous” – always looking for the perfect man after breaking up with her ex, always chatty, always perky, and usually wearing very tight fitting outfits.

What sets her apart is the nasal voice and her very jewish vocabulary.

He is uptight, British by nature, theater producer, always looking to beat his long-life adversary, Mr. Lloyd-Webber. And he is a widower, not looking at all for romance, but finding it in Miss Fine.Image

One of the happiest days in my childhood was when they got married. I waited the entire show for them to get together and be together as they seemed so right for each other. Two distinct personalities can clash at times but they can compliment each other perfectly too.

Her being gorgeous also helps. What man can resist such an apparition?



The reason why I started thinking about such an old show was because I feel like I’m missing something. Not a nanny, God forbid, but a special someone to make me feel complete, that will adore me and that I can adore back. The Mr. Sheffield. I know that maybe my expectations of love are a bit high and my beliefs might be a bit ( 🙂 – a lot) outdated, but I still believe a man should kiss a woman’s hand graciously when he first meets her, that doors should be open in courtesy when a woman is approaching them, that a chair at the table should be held out until the lady sits down. I don’t think it’s all the men’s fault that things turned out like this – women are to blame too. Too stubborn and independent to leave a man to do his thing.



Call me old-fashioned, but I like traditional values. 

And I want a man that still believes in them. Do I ask too much?


PS: one of the other reasons I was thinking about The Nanny was … well, I’m loud and obnoxious, he’s calm and collected. I feel like we’re re-enacting the show live!


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    1. The list is long… but maybe I should lower my standards and settle for a kettle. It will warm me up at night and not comment on my cooking 🙂


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