When We Oooo

Bulma had just gotten home. Being that today was her birthday, her friends, family, co-workers decided to take her out to celebrate. Everything went great she had a wonderful time. The only thing that was wrong was that it was 1:00am and she had work the next mourning.
Not feeling sleepy she went to her kitchen to get a bite to eat. After eating she took a trip around the Complex to give the little snack time to digest. During her walk she heard the faint sound of music playing in her lab. She walked down the stairs to a candle lit room, covered in rose petals. The song that was playing was ‘When we oooo’ by Janet Jackson. In the middle of the lad was Vegeta sitting in a comfortable recliner. She walked over to him, still looking around the room.
Hello my love
Wish you were here
So many things in my heart
I’d like to share

A few warm thoughts
A subtle smile
Our conversation through silence
Could last all night
“What’s all this for?”
“Your birthday. We’re gonna celebrate it my way.” he stood up and motioned for her to sit. She took he seat and settled in to the comfortable chair.
“And how are ‘WE’ gonna celebrate?”
“You’ll see.” A hint of seduction flashed through his ebony eyes.
He placed his hands on the armrest and leaned into her. He placed his lips on the bite mark he had given her a few weeks ago, and started to suck and nip at her skin. She moaned softly. He traveled up her neck to her jawbone. He kissed to her ear.
“You want it.” He whispered teasingly.
“Please.” she begged.
He stood up and started to undress him self. He pulled off his shirt then dropped his pant, followed by his boxers. He pulled her up and undressed her. In one swift motion she was naked before him.
At ease my mind
To see your face
Those sexy eyes could calm
A heart of rage
You speak my name
I touch your hand
The chemistry only true love could understand
He placed his hands on her waist and started to suck on the flesh around her right nipple. He used his hands to make lazy circles from her waist to her hips and back up. She moaned a little louder now. He switched breast purposely avoiding her erect nipples.
You’ve opened my soul to happiness
And shown me new ways of love
Smooth is life’s travels with you beside me
I’ll never walk alone
After sucking her, he moved down ward dragging his tongue all the way.
She shivered. He stopped at her wett pussy. He looked up at her and smirked. Grabbing her leg, he threw it over his shoulder. This gave him wider access to her. He used two fingers to dip inside of her. She threw her head back and gasped on contact. He thrusted his fingers in her bringing her to her climax. Still thrusting in her, he brought his mouth to her pussy to drink her juices.
After drinking from her he continued to suck her clit, all the while still thrusting in her. He added another finger in her body. She buried her fingers in his hair, tugging lightly on his soft, coarse black mane. The sensations were too much as she came again. He swallowed her honey and pulled his fingers out of her. He sucked what was on his fingers and stood up.
Can’t get enough of you
When we oooo
Can’t get enough of you
When we oooo 
She stood there breathing heavily as she recovered from her orgasm. He pulled her to the chair and sat down. She sat on top of him straddling his legs. She kissed his lips. He opened his mouth, allowing her tongue to enter. She tasted herself on his tongue.
You give of you
All you can give
You’ve taught me love laugh
You’ve taught me to live
At rainbow’s end
That pot of gold
Can’t hold a light to you
‘Cause you’re my heart and soul
He shifted her slightly and entered her. She broke away from his lips to let out a small scream. He grasped her hips and rocked her slowly but hard. He was determined to show her how much he loved her, even though he could never tell her. She screamed a little louder encouraging him to go a lot faster. He followed orders and sped up his motions. He slammed her hips into him while thrusting upwards into her. She placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. Being that the given time was 2:10am she couldn’t scream as loud as she usually did. He wanted to prolong this as long as possible but felt himself coming closer to the edge. With on final thrust/rock she came. To ride out the pleasure she bit him at the junction of his shoulder and neck, piercing the skin. She swallowed the blood that flowed from his wound. The sensation was too much as he was thrown over the edge; his cum shooting into her body.
Such passionate love that we make
In time our bodies are one
When loving’s done the passions
Still strong
‘Cause spiritually we are as one
She laid her head on his shoulder as she recovered from her orgasm.
“Happy birthday Woman.” he breathed
“Thank you and we’ll celebrate your birthday the same way in your special place … she sighed … the gravity room.”
“In the middle of the floor?” he smiled.
“Yes in the middle of the floor.” She kissed him on the lips and rested her head back on his shoulder to sleep.
Can’t get enough of you

When we oooo
Can’t get enough of you
When we oooo


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