World War Z was awesome!

So, me and my little gay bestie went to see World War Z on Friday. I’ve been waiting for this movie since September last year when I saw the first trailer at a movie in Romania. I’ve managed to survive somehow until now and I was actually speeding just to be in the movie theatre sooner. We booked our spots but the room was so full that we could only book single seats.
Being the gentleman that he is, he talked to the couple between us and asked them to move one seat to the right so us too can sit next to each other. (I haven’t given a relationship update in a while but yeah, we’re mock boyfriend and girlfriend, meaning that we do everything a couple does except kiss & make love… PS: he tried kissing me once in play – but I pulled away – I’ll talk another day about the importance of kissing and why you should never do it in a jokingly manner).
So – back to the movie. If you love zombie movies, if you love the Walking Dead, you’ll adore this movie.
A highly infectious virus (rabies) with a mortality rate of 99.99% comes out of India (cases in Vietnam too) and spreads across the world (similar to the N1H1 virus and portrayed best in “Contagion” and Stephen King’s “The Stand”). The problem with this virus is the gestation period – from bite to zombie attacking other people: 12 seconds. Apparently – in the first cases it took up to 10 minutes to manifest itself meaning that the virus continued to mutate and become more aggressive.
wwz_4x3The main hero of the story is portrayed by Brad Pitt, a retired UN investigator, dad of two daughters, husband of one hell of a woman (in a good sense). Their characters are well rounded and down to earth. I loved how the wife never lost her cool, always there for him either with a gun or a good word. She does mess up a little in the middle of the movie (SPOILER – do not read if you do not want to know)
When they land in Vietnam, they need to go and silently re-fuel their plane as the zombies were attracted by noise. So as they are peddling on their bikes towards the plane, on the other side of the globe, warm and cozy in her cabin, the wife decides to phone her husband and talk to him.
Now, any military wife knows that once your husband is away in a life-or-death critical mission, you don’t call him. He calls you. Because your silly intervention might cost him his head.
Well, either she did not know the rules too well, or she wanted a cheap divorce. The ringing of the phone wakes the zombies and they attack them costing them two men.
Otherwise, the movie is action packed from start to finish – it goes from Philadelphia to Boston and then to a Pacific carrier. I loved the general when he said:
“Look around you .. all these people serve a purpose. If you are not serving a purpose too, you and your family will be on the first boat out back to Philly. Non-essential personnel is not needed.”
Hard core! And he was right. Why would he start taking in civilians on his ship, thus reducing the food rations of his men, bulking himself up with people that will slow them down? And why would Brad Pitt, family man, not put his country and the survival of his species over his family? Got me wondering. If I was in the same situation, I would not hesitate going out and giving my best, even if it meant my death – just to make sure that my work will mean something and if possibly offer a door to the salvation of thousands of people. Selfishness has nothing to do in a war against mankind.
I also loved the young Harvard graduate when he said that “Nature is a serial killer – and like all serial killers, he wants to be caught – this is why she leaves breadcrumbs as clues”.
The contagion solution that the movie producers came up with was a little half baked – they designed a virus too strong to be defeated by normal means – so they decided to camouflage the people instead. Plus I thought that showing only 2min of footage on how the solution was applied – was too little compared to the length of the movie. Hey, maybe that’s just me.
I gave it a 9/10 on IMDB and that would have been a proper 10 if it wasn’t for those tiny things that kept bothering me.
Either way, it’s an awesome movie to see. Got me all excited now about the Zombie Run this summer.

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