Seductive Temptations

A Goku-Chichi and Bulma-Vegeta Romance with a bite

Chapter 1

She smiled, neatly folding the sheet over the line. It was late, but she just
had to finish the laundry so it would be dry by morning. She sighed wistfully;
Goku was home for the weekend to spend time with Goten and Gohan. It felt so
good to have him home again. So good, she thought as she hugged the damp sheet
tightly. Her family was back together again.
And growing larger with every new generation, Pan-chan was so happy to see her
grandpa. She sighed again, shaking the sheet out so hard she put wrinkles in it.
She was totally unaware of the Ki-less–lifeless–being creeping up behind her.
She clipped the sheet onto the wire, making sure there were no loose ends and
turned, meeting the lifeless green eyes of the pale-faced man in front of her.
“Chi-Chi-san,” he stated simply, before moving forward with lightning-fast
movements. He had her by the neck before she could scream, his lips against her
skin in a tender kiss. He gave a soothing inhuman purr before she felt the light
pricks of pain on the curve of her neck.
She gasped softly, feeling the rush of pleasure and pain mixing with
indescribable force. She could only close her eyes and hold on tightly, gasping
and moaning with the orgasmic feelings.
Until it all ended and everything went black. She felt lifted from her body,
though without a care, the only feeling focused on was the heat radiating off of
the man holding her.
He jerked up, causing Goten and Pan to jump at the unexpected movement.
Something was wrong. There was the homely feeling he had, like always when he
came home for a visit, and then everything went cold. Something was off, as if
something awfully wrong was happening.
He looked about the living room, eyeing Pan and Goten for a moment before
focusing on the kitchen door. “Chi-Chi?” There was, much to his fright, no
answer. He spoke again, louder this time. “Chi-Chi-san?”
“‘Tousan? What is it?”
He shot up to his feet, searching for her. “Something’s wrong,” he mumbled to
his son and granddaughter. And then he felt the certain whisper of her Ki. With
no explanation to his kin he lifted two fingers to his forehead and vanished
from their sight.

He appeared outside by the clothesline, not even two feet away from her. He
started to call to her, but the words caught in his throat as he took in the
sight. Some man held his wife tightly, causing jealously and anger to burn
through him. He took notice of the hand under her supple buttocks, the lips
drinking in the skin of her neck. And then, he noticed the velvety flow of red
escaping the corner of the man’s mouth.
He went unnoticed for merely a moment–though it seemed forever to him–as the
man holding his wife jerked to attention, lips being pulled away from Chi-Chi’s
throat. There was a soft hiss from him as he bared his fangs in defiance. “It’s
too late,” he hissed, quickly wiping the blood at the corners of his mouth.
Goku took a step forward, feeling his Ki rise at the sight of the stranger with
his hands on his wife. “Let her go,” he growled, trying to keep the urge of
going Super Saiyajin down.
There was a chuckle from the other man, “If that’s what you wish.” He raised a
clawed hand, “I’ll do that, but she’s already drained.” He chuckled again,
lowering Chi-Chi’s limp form to the ground. “You wish her dead that much? Pity,
such a woman like that does not deserve someone such as you.”
“She’s mine,” he snarled, his power gathering around his hands. “I won’t let you
hurt my wife!”
The other man snorted, quickly hauling her up, “Not anymore.” He started to melt
into the shadows; “This woman belongs to me now.” They vanished just as the Ki
blast skidded over the grass.
The golden aura surrounded him, even as there was nothing for him to chase. The
beast that ravaged his wife had taken her most of her Ki, nearly all of it.
There was no chance he could find her now. He felt something within him snap and
he cried out his anger and sudden sorrow with one word. Her name, his wife, his

Vejiita jerked up, making Bulma cry out at the sudden sharp movement that
pressed within her. “Vejiita!” she snarled, beating her fists uselessly on his
shoulders. “Watch it! That hurt, you jerk!”
He glared down at her, but remained silent. His attention went elsewhere, though
he remained buried within her tender moist grip (yes, they were making love).
“Something’s wrong,” he stated finally.
She blinked, sitting up a bit as she pulled the blankets up to cover her
breasts. “What is it?”
“Kakarrot went Super Saiyajin…” he trailed off, glancing at her. “We’ll have
to finish this later,” he said as he thrust within her.
She bit her lip, crashing back onto the pillows, “You think you can stop?”
He snorted, biting the tip of her nose before pulling out of her. “You
underestimate my endurance, woman.” He got up and out of the bed, giving her a
lovely view of his bare rump. “I want to see what set Kakarrot off.”
She sat up, letting the blanket fall to equal the amount of visual teasing. “At
least get dressed first. You don’t want to scare away whatever pissed Son-kun
He bristled a bit, but headed towards the closet. He stepped out in the close
fitting battle suit he wore when sparring. “I’ll be back, bitch, and I’ll make
you regret saying that.”
She smirked and wiggled her fingers at him. “I’ll be waiting.”

He made it just in time to find the younger Saiyajin balled up on the ground.
His hands fisted into the dark locks of his hair. He touched down next to him,
looking down in wonder. What could have caused such a man to go into a fit of
rage then sorrow?
“Kakarrot?” The other Saiyajin grunted something intangible even to his ears.
“He took Chi-Chi,” he said only slightly louder than before. “I can’t find her
He blinked, “Have you attempted to feel her out?”
There was a slight nod. “He melted away with her.”
“I don’t know,” There was a soft sob, breaking up his words. “I can’t feel her
Vejiita blinked; had Kakarrot’s mate met death so soon? He didn’t know how to
comfort the other Saiyajin, so he just stood in silence as the other sobbed at
the loss of his mate.

She awoke once again, surrounded by silk sheets and gentle cushions. She
couldn’t move; her whole body was sore.
“G-Goku-saa,” she managed softly. There was a soft ‘shh’ from the person next to
her and she felt a cool cloth against her neck. She winced and tried to turn and
look at the man beside her.
“Ah ah,” he whispered. “You’ll reopen the wounds, dear; you don’t want to do
that.” She caught the hint of his accent, the awkwardness in his tone. He petted
her hair. “I haven’t sired you, yet. I want you to see through the eyes of a
human one last time, love.”
“Nani?” she mustered weakly.
“I’m going to have you as my own,” he breathed. “The husband you had before was
a twit for letting you live alone for so long.” She felt his lips against her
neck again. “He doesn’t deserve you.” He pressed his lips to her ear. “I plan to
give you a gift that no other man could give.”
She whimpered, wanting so badly to see his face. There was a whisper of his lips
against her cheek and his dark green eyes came into view again. His features
were smooth and pale, nearly blue tinted. His dark hair fell over his brow as he
looked down at her.
He was beautiful, her eyes widened slightly before sliding shut. She tilted her
head back and offered her lips to him, in which he greedily accepted. The only
thoughts that entered her mind were to fall to him, let him take her, to be his.

Chapter 2

He smiled wickedly; he couldn’t have found the more perfect woman to make his.
He tugged her hair out of its bindings, lifting her head slightly to let it flow
around her shoulders. She was a work of art, better than he’d seen Kami create.
“Chi-Chi,” he whispered to get her attention.
Her dark entranced eyes opened and looked at him lovingly. “Have you made your
choice, love?” She gave a weak nod, “Good, you are far too beautiful of a woman
to allow death to take you.” He bent to kiss the wound he caused earlier, “Far
too beautiful.” He scraped her skin lightly with his fangs. “Pity for that man
of yours. He seemed rather attached to you.”
“Goku-saa…” she whimpered, struggling her way out of the trance he had put her
“Shh… Shh… ” He pressed his lips to her throat, “It’s too late for you and
him. Now there is only you and I.” She whimpered again as he dug his fangs into
her flesh, pulling them out slightly so he could relish in the sweet taste of
her blood flowing over his tongue.
She struggled against him weakly then fell limp on his bed. He released her from
his deadly kiss and took his wrist in one hand. He dug a claw deep into his own
flesh, wincing softly as he broke into the vein. He pressed the open wound to
her lips, allowing the circulated blood to flow into her mouth. Her dark eyes
bolted open and her lips locked onto his wrist, sucking lightly. He winced,
“Enough! Let go!” His command went unheard as she dug her flat little molars
into his skin. Her strength was totally unimaginable, something he hadn’t
thought of. He felt as if she were sucking all the blood from him.
Dear Kami, was this how it felt?
With the remainder of his strength, he wrenched himself from her grip, panting.
“Damn,” he whimpered. He glared at her, “You took too much.” But, his curses
were heard on deaf ears, he noted. She had rolled on her stomach, screaming in
pain as the changes started. Her hair lengthened slightly and her skin paled.
He watched, holding his wounded wrist in one hand. It was always amusing to
watch them change, their cries of pain, the features changing. It was so

The pain, everything hurt, even the roots of her hair. Kami, am I dying? If not,
it sure felt like it. She couldn’t take much more of it and she fainted away
with the pain.
She had awaked to a new light. Everything around her seemed enhanced. She could
smell everything around her; feel the small heart beats of nearby creatures.
“W-where am I?” she asked, her own voice echoing in her ears.
“My palace.”
She sat up, “What?”
A man sat beside him, she knew him, but she couldn’t place his face. “You are in
my palace, Chi-Chi.”
“Who are you?”
“My name is Kristian,” he smiled sweetly, offering his hand. She politely
accepted with the intent of shaking his hand, instead he brought it to his
mouth, kissing the back of her hand lightly. “It is my pleasure to meet you,
Chi-Chi.” His smile widened, “I must welcome you to your new life.”

He winced as the other man screamed as if in pain, though he didn’t have the
heart to stop him. It seemed his mate had perished, taken away from him. He
sighed; knowing it would be painful if Bulma had been ripped away.
As much as he wished to end the other Saiyajin’s suffering, he did not know any
way to comfort him. Kakarrot’s family had come, all of them curious of why he
was in a heap of tears. When they asked the whereabouts of their mother Vegeta
could only reply with a shrug. “Kakarrot said that she was abducted.”
Amazingly to him, Kakarrot had managed to speak. “He took her… ” His words
broken by his sobs. “He killed her.” That broke the bridge. Totally shocked by
the reaction of the other Saiyajin’s family, he backed away, heading for the
house to find the one person that could possibly bring some control over these
He called Bulma and demanded that she get her lazy ass out of bed and get over

She stared into his beautiful green eyes, his wonderfully sweet smile. “Kristian,”
she rolled the English name over her tongue, liking the way it sounded, the way
it came out.
“Hmm… ?” even a simple note like that sounded foreign to her ears. She brushed
the blond locks off of his brow, traced her fingers over his face. She couldn’t
help but ask, “Why can’t I remember anything?”
That must have shocked him, because he sat up and turned to glare at her with
those beautiful eyes. “What?”
“I-I can’t remember anything.” she stated, “All I remember is awaking this
evening with you.”
He eyed her, a suspicious look on his features. “You are stronger than I first
thought,” he mumbled under his breath. But, that did not keep her from hearing
him. “It’s not important,” he moved to lay his head in her lap once more. “You
just injured yourself, that’s why you remember nothing before.” It seemed
believable, but for some odd reason she couldn’t believe it. She nodded, though
watching as his eyes slid shut. “The sun will be rising soon,” he whispered,
burying his face against her stomach.
“We will have to go to rest soon.”
She nodded, watching him curiously. “You’re awfully pale. Have you fed tonight?”
She spoke as if she knew what she was talking about. It all seemed so odd.
He smiled wickedly up at her. “I’m not hungry.” And before she could react he
had captured her mouth with his, kissing her hard and passionately. So
overwhelmed by him, she fell back, allowing him to take control of her; melting
against him with each of his kisses and touches. When his hand slid up between
her thighs, she moaned against his mouth, that odd wrong feeling returning.
She tried her best to ignore it and nearly succeeded until she felt his fingers
pressed against her. She winced and could think of nothing more to do, but bite
him. And so, she did.

She had arrived a little too late, she supposed. Vejiita glared at her and
angrily told her to do something about Goku and his family problem. Though there
was nothing she could think of, she did what first came to mind. She pulled Goku
into her arms and let the once wild child sob on her shoulder.
She only winced when he squeezed her too hard, wrapping her up with those huge
arms. It made her feel as if she were the child. She was clueless of what had
brought Goku and his family to this state, but from the mumbles she got from
Vejiita it was obvious something had happened to Chi-Chi. Although the thought
of losing her friend was heart aching, she couldn’t allow any weaknesses. Not
only would it upset Goku more, but Vejiita wouldn’t let her hear the end of it
if he caught her acting sentimental. But, she turned to look at the Saiyajin
Prince and it seemed as if he was mourning the loss in that weird way of his.
He sat away from the group, silent with his arms akimbo, his dark gaze staring
calmly out the window. Occasionally, he would glance at her, a ‘hopeless’ look
on his features. He was ready to go home as all this was having a tiring affect
on the both of them. Their little game beforehand seemed out of place now.
The only thing that came to mind now was Poor Goku…
And poor Chi-Chi.
Would they ever see her again? Was it possible for them to wish her back? She
turned to Vejiita. “We need to get a hold of Piccolo and Dende.”

He jerked up and away, blinking in surprise as he tasted the blood in his mouth.
She had bitten him! He was so shocked he crawled off of her. She was obviously
ashamed because she had curled up and looked away, but it changed nothing. She
bit him!
He stared at her, wondering if the ‘spell’ was affecting her at all. Any other
woman would have been totally his, but not this one. Was she remembering what he
had taken her away from? He scowled and got up; he had underestimated the hold
that man had on her.
He would win her over. Or kill her in the end.

Chapter 3

He sailed out into the new night, stretching his sense in search for appropriate
food for his new love. The air flowing around him, fresh with dew, and fresh
with the scent of those out for him to hunt. He still felt weak from changing
her into the lovely creature she is now, but not so weak that he couldn’t seduce
some unsuspecting woman into his grasp.
His hunger heightened and he sped up faster, heading towards the city, one of
his favorite hunting grounds.

They landed at the edge of Heaven’s platform, looking about the palace’s
grounds. “Dende!” Goku yelled rudely past Mr. Popo to the western end of the
platform. He found them standing there, eyes down on the Earth as they watched
something. Piccolo was standing over Dende, eyes narrowed and a clawed hand
rubbing his chin. Dende had a worried look on his green features, his hands
folded behind his back. “Dende!”
The little Namekusei-jin turned to glance at Goku for only a moment, before
returning his gaze to the Earth. Goku looked down for a moment before glaring up
at Piccolo. “You know what happened.” No answer came. Their silence just proved
his suspicions; he could see it on both their faces. “I know the dragon balls
were already used but–”
“–Son, you know it’s impossible to wish her back right after the balls were
already used,” His arms locked akimbo, he moved next to the young God. “Besides,
even if it were possible, you wouldn’t be able to wish her back.”
“Nani?” his sons had come up behind him, Gohan on his left and Goten on his
right. Goten glared angrily at the former demon king, while his brother stood
silent. They both looked like hell, although, it was understandable. “Why
wouldn’t we be able to wish her back?” Goten demanded, his foot stomping on the
“Gomen ne, Goten-san,” Dende spoke softly, his eyes down on the Earth. “Demo, it
would seem that your mother is not dead. Not entirely.”
Goku blinked, “What do you mean?”
“Well,” Dende glanced at Piccolo, his hands coming around to smooth his
garments. “It would seem that she’s amongst the undead, now.”
“Nani? Undead?” he blinked; they might as well have been speaking Greek to him.
He scowled, wishing they would just come out and say it. “What do you mean?
She… she’s not alive. I can’t feel her Ki anywhere!”
“That guy that had a hold of her, Goku,” Piccolo growled, “Was a vampire. That’s
why he was sucking on her neck!” He shook his head; “He took her and turned her
into a ‘mini-me’ to be just like him.”
“Ano–Piccolo-san. You mean he turned her into a vampire?”
“So there’s some brains in the Son family after all.”

He tore into her throat, dwelling on the sweet liquor that flowed into his
mouth. He purred for her and she surrendered to him, pressing her luscious form
against him. She moaned as he licked the forming wound. It was a debate to take
her, or to allow her to live; but as her liquor flowed through his veins no
debate was needed.
He ripped the front of her shirt open, his hand trembling only slightly as he
took her breast in hand. She arched against him as he ravaged her throat,
drinking her in, taking her life. She tensed and trembled slightly before
falling limp and lifeless. He let her fall, eyeing her bare chest before letting
a mighty roar rip through his throat.
There were soft cries of shock from the opening of the alley, causing him to
chuckle. They would think some other type of monster had raped the young girl.
Ah, he paused moving down to mask the two tiny wounds on her neck, no need for
him to leave a trail.
He readied himself to take to air when his sensitive ears pick up a soft cry. He
paused, turning back to dark point of the alley, eyes glowing as he searched for
the source of the noise. A small child sat curled up in the corner of the alley,
male. He glanced down at the woman, her son.
He smirked, no need to hunt for her meal; it was right before him. He stretched
out his powers of enchantment and beckoned the little child. “Come, boy.” The
teary eyes blanked and he rose, padding towards him. She should enjoy this.

“Where is she?” Goku demanded from the young God.
Bulma tightened her hold on Vejiita, making him growl in warning at her but she
didn’t listen. It could have been her that was taken away–it could have been
Vejiita. She glanced up at him.
“Let go woman, you’re cutting the circulation off to my hand.” She glared at him
and let him go, taking a few steps away from him. He snorted in return and
crossed his arms over his chest.
He met her gaze, glaring right back at her. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if
they had taken Vejiita. The only thing they’d have to worry about is the Saiyan
Prince trying to take over the world again. There was no telling what someone
like Chi-Chi would do with such power; if what Piccolo said was true. But, Dende
confirmed it. Poor Goku, what would happen now?

He watched Dende as the young God looked down upon the Earth again, more exactly
the palace that held Son’s wife… or mate… or whatever. He knew the young God
couldn’t directly interfere, but if he didn’t–a glance was thrown back at Goku—he
wasn’t sure that Son would take it lightly.
“Piccolo-san,” Gohan started, taking a step forward. “Onegai.”
Damn the brat, he mentally growled, he couldn’t deny his former student much
anymore. “She’s on the western continent, about four hundred miles from the
capital (trying to put her in Ireland, why you ask? Because I’m an Irish mutt).”
He glared at them, “You can go, but she won’t remember you.” The boys stood
still, but that didn’t stop Goku; his aura surrounded him as he blasted off
towards the stated directions.
“Piccolo-san… you shouldn’t have told him that.” Piccolo merely shrugged; it
didn’t matter to him any. Certainly the baka had the sense to know how to
destroy what he was against. “Someone might think it wise to go with him, so he
won’t get himself into any trouble.”

He watched her from the entrance of the keep, so amazed he nearly dropped the
child under his arm. She stood atop a simple thin pole with the human grace she
was granted with at birth. Her first birth, he reminded himself. Her black locks
were tied back into a bun, allowing a few strands to hang loose down her back
and two thick locks framed her face. She wore an oriental dress, similar to the
one he had birthed her in; only this one hugged her form nicely. She was
beautiful, more so than when she lived as a human. He had chosen well.
He cleared his throat, knowing she had already sensed him before he entered the
keep. “I’ve brought you a gift, love.” There was a rush of air around him, and
then the demoness had landed neatly in front of him with such speed he barely
registered it.
“Have you, Kristian?” His name sounded so foreign on her lips, especially with
that accent of hers.
“Yes,” he sat the child down, the spell still cast upon him. “I know you’re in
need to feed so I brought you this to feed from. I know he is small, but they
are always the–what is it?”
She wasn’t listening to him. Her eyes were wide and on the boy before him, as if
entranced by the child. He glanced down at the blank eyed boy, how could he have
done anything to her?
His attention returned to her, watching as she kneeled in front of the little
boy. “Gohan-chan,” she whispered, her hands reaching out to touch the child’s
Gohan-chan? Rice? What did rice have anything to do with this? He had no idea
Japanese women were so affectionate to their foods. Maybe she had been a
housewife for too long.
She snapped out of whatever dream that had taken her away, “You brought me a
child to feed from?” He blinked, but nodded, watching as she once again stood.
“You expect me to kill a child who has barely lived?” Her hand flew back and
forward, roughly meeting his cheek.
He winced and stepped back, his hold on the child ending. She hit him! He stared
in shock, watching as she bent and picked up the now conscious child. By all the
gods, what had he done wrong? He had brought her the brat to feed from and she
attacks him?
He growled then stopped himself. In her former life she had children. He had
paid none of them any mind, couldn’t even remember their names, not that they
were of any importance now.
She held the boy lovingly, stroking his mop of brown locks as he began to weep
for no reason. Children seemed to do that a lot. “I want you to take him back to
his mother,” she stated, her tone as icy as the hard glare she gave him.
His own features hardened and he growled at her, “The bitch is dead.” His pride
faltered when she didn’t turn away, nor did she even cringe. But, he had the
good grace to step back when she advanced.
“Kissma,” she cursed in her native tongue, her dark eyes full of hate.
“Monster,” she cursed him again, stinging his black heart. Her feature twisted
as she forced a smile, looking down at the boy in her arms. “We’ll have to take
care of him then.”
He started to protest, but the words froze on his tongue at the glare he got. He
could only nod. “I would like to speak with him, you are only scaring him. If
you wish to be a monster, Kristian, go out in the woods and be a monster.”
He nodded, turning back to the doubled doors. He glanced back at her, but found
any argument wash away at the sudden shame he felt. He pushed a door open and
stepped out, softly cursing himself for the crime that he committed, the thought
that he had been committing the very same crime for the last thousand years
never entering his mind. (Yes, it was supposed to be a joke and it turned corny
on me)

He landed outside of what seemed to be a castle, the land around him totally
unfamiliar to him. He heard a light ‘thud’ behind him and assumed it to be
Vejiita, nothing to be concerned about. He moved forward, eyeing the encrusted
stone wearily.
He paused, stretching his senses out to see if he could feel her tiny Ki from
within the fortress. He felt a wisp of someone else, but no one familiar. He
glanced back at the Saiyajin behind him, feeling the tears well up in his eyes.
“She’s not here.”
“The Namekusei-jin said she no longer had Ki,” he reminded him softly. “There’s
someone in there. Look, you might find her there too.” There was a careless
shrug from him and he knew the other was trying to act as if he didn’t care,
like he didn’t want to help.
He only nodded, wiping away the tears. “Hai, hai,” he said softly. “Let’s go,”
he mumbled, receiving a snort in return.
He took to air again, floating just above the palace’s area. The Ki seemed to be
in some sort of main room, but he wasn’t sure. He would have to check it out. He
motioned Vejiita to follow and moved forward. He headed downward, stretching out
his senses in case someone tried to sneak up on either of them.
He noted the window and headed for it, trying to hold back his anticipation. If
she was there, alive, he could take her back home and make sure nothing happened
to her again. All thoughts of training the boy, Uubu, out of his mind, he
attempted to slide the window aside only to find that it wouldn’t budge.
He glanced back at the other Saiyajin and received a shrug, for a moment he
debated simply breaking it until a horde of symbols caught his eye. “Oi,
Vejiita.” He motioned the other over then pointed at the symbols. “What does
that say?”
“How the hell am I supposed to know? Do I look like a fucking translator?” Eeh
… it was safe to say he was bored. He gave the window another curious look and
tried pulling it up from the bottom; no such luck.
“Maybe I could help you,” a third voice came from behind him. “The words read
Lasombra Fifth Generation… ” There was a soft snarl, ” …humans beware.”
Goku glanced at Vejiita; a smirk reaching his lips as he then turned to the man
behind them. “Oi, Vejiita, you think it’s a good thing we’re not humans?”

Chapter 4

He smirked at the man hovering before them; the fool thought them humans. He
grinned; well it was time to prove him wrong. He glanced towards the Saiyajin
next to him, willing to allow him take the lead. It was his mate they were
“Where is she?”
“She is not of any of your concern at the moment. You should be more worried
about me,” he snarled.
Vejiita’s smirk widened ever so slightly; this man was more than a fool! He
glanced to the Saiyajin beside him, “I suppose you will have to beat the
information from him.” The other’s features twisted into a vicious grin and he
moved into a stance, preparing to launch himself at his enemy.

He watched with disinterest as Chi-Chi’s former mate came blasting at him, he
dodged to one side easily. Only, then came the shock when he felt the man’s knee
slam into his gut. He had moved without him noticing. “Now,” the other hissed,
“tell me where she is!”
He wheezed for breath; how had he done that? He glared up at the human holding
him. “Never!”
“Kakarrot!” the shorter human called to his companion. The one’s attention
diverted to him for merely a moment. “Let me handle this baka,” there was clear
amusement in his voice. “You go find your woman.”
The one holding him slammed his elbow into his shoulder, making him wince as the
muscles clenched and bruised under the pressure. He was then pushed away as, who
he had gathered was named Kakarrot, blasted towards the castle again, an aura of
some sort surrounding him.
He started forward to stop him, “She’s not yours any–” but as much as it
angered him, the shorter man came into his way. He snarled angrily, these
creatures were stronger than they were supposed to be. “Out of my way, Human!”
“Human?” The other man wondered, his dark eyes lighting up with a wicked gleam
of aqua. There was a soft chuckle from him as golden flames uplifted from his
feet, surrounding him in an unholy glow as his dark upswept hair turned blond.
“I’m no human,” he chuckled darkly.
Kristian stood, astounded to say the least. “Then if you aren’t Human,” he
hissed, baring his fangs as he slid backwards a bit. “What are you?”
“I am Vejiita, Prince of the Saiyajin,” he glared up at him for only a moment
before flickering out of sight. Saiyajin? Dear Gods, what has he gotten himself

He grinned, seeing the fear the man’s eyes. Oh, this wouldn’t be much of a match
up, but it would at least be some fun. He charged forward, his fists connecting
with the others mid section easily. The fool didn’t even dodge! This was a
waste, he could tell that already.
He hit him again, sending him shooting towards the ground. Couldn’t Chikyu
produce better fiends? This was ridiculous! He watched idly as the other man
struggled to his feet. With a snort, he powered down. “What a waste of my time.
You humans are more pathetic then I first thought.”
There was a growl from the fallen figure. “I’m not human!”
Vejiita blinked; how odd he felt. He slowly started to power down, hair and eyes
once more turning black.
Come to me, it whispered. Come.
He touched down, features blank as he slowly moved towards the growling man.

“He has Vejiita,” Piccolo stated absently. He glanced back at the blue haired
woman only to meet her glare. “Nani?”
“Take me down there! Now!”
He blinked; wasn’t she supposed to fear him?

He perched on the windowsill, trying to figure out how to open it. Then
dismissing it by just breaking it open.
He heard a soft screech from inside and quickly burst into the room, his heart
clenching at the thoughts of finding his Chi-Chi. But, he stopped, seeing the
young boy huddled back behind a throne like chair, shivering with fear. He
sighed, pushing himself off the windowsill, flipping gracefully to land on his
The boy only screeched again, trying his best to hide behind the chair. “Oi,” he
started. “What’s wrong? I’m not going to hurt you.” He started forward, watching
the boy curiously as his blue eyes widened. “Nani? I just want to ask–” he
froze, feeling a slender arm move around his shoulders as cool fingers encircled
his neck.
“What are you doing here?” she demanded in a hushed voice.
He scowled, grabbing her arm in a firm grip. “That’s none of your concern.” With
a growl, he slung her away from him and slid into a fighting stance. “Come on!”
She got to her knees; that mop of black hair covering her face. “Run, boy,” he
heard her whisper, that voice was so familiar. He just couldn’t pinpoint it
until–she turned to face him. Dark eyes filled with hate as she hissed, “I’ll
kill you for this!”

Chapter 5

She growled at him, those inhuman canines bared as she tried to ward him off.
What happened to her? He reached out his senses to feel her, but there was
nothing. Her features were pale; her usual black eyes were red with her anger.
Was this his Chi-chi?
“Chi-chi …?” he spoke aloud, as if doubting the creature before him as his
She spit and stood; the little boy huddled behind her for protection. “Who are
you?” she demanded, coldness dripping from her voice. Her manner was far from
the one she normally used when she yelled at him.
He blinked at her, taking a step forward as if not believing what she asked. “Nani?”
“Who are you?!”
He winced, such hatred. “Chichi, I’m Goku,” he moved forward as he spoke. “I’m
your husband.”
“Liar!” The man that took her from him started, bursting through the large
doubled doors across the room. The man snarled like the beast he was. “You’re a
fool to think she would still want you.”
He turned to glare at the mere man that took his wife, “I’ll send you to hell
for this.”

He growled, turning to the fool behind him. “Kill him,” he hissed at the
supposed ‘non-human’ beast. There was a curt nod from the creature behind him as
it blasted off, jetting forward into the keep. That human would pay for this, he
should have killed the lot of them from the beginning!
He watched at the two connected, and felt the uneasiness he had before. They
were stronger than him, he grimaced. It was a miracle that he had gotten the
shorter one under control. How long it would last? There was no telling.
“Chi-chi!” He had to get her out of here while the others battled. It seemed to
take her forever to take her eyes from the other two males. He had to call her
name again until she finally looked at him. “Come! Now! We must flee!”
She gave a short nod, picking up the brat he had brought for her. She hurried
over to him, her eyes still on the match as if she were amazed that someone
would be fighting for her. He grabbed her hand and started for the door, but
paused when a little lavender hair woman and a rather large green fellow blocked
their path. “Out of the way, woman!” he hissed.
She shook her head, hands moving to her hips. “You’ve caused enough trouble, for
us,” her voice was business like, even with the Japanese accent. “It ends here.
It ends now.”
He cackled, moving towards the little vixen until the green creature blocked his
path. “And just, pray-tell, how do you plan to stop me? Hmm, vixen?”
A small smirk crossed her cherry lips, “By telling you it’s a quarter until
sunrise.” She took up next to the green creature, “And your exit is blocked by a
very powerful being; someone I know you couldn’t beat if your life depended on
She chuckled, “And, surprisingly enough, it does.”

He couldn’t help but smirk, flashing his fangs at the two vampires. She was
being overconfident, but if this man couldn’t defeat her little Veji-chan, then
maybe she did have a point. He moved into a threatening offensive stance, talons
flexed and fangs bared as he awaited the man to retaliate.
There was a soft hiss from him, “What do you want?”
“My husband,” Bulma stated, leaning against him in such a casual way. “You have
him under some sort of spell. Drop it!” She did know what she wanted, but he
watched as the man waved a hand as if to swat away a fly.
“It’s done, now let us by!”
“Did I say I was finished with demands?” she wondered aloud. He was really
beginning to see why the little Saiyajin prince liked her so much. She was so
much like him it was almost scary.

He stopped and looked at Kakarott curiously. “What the hell are you doing?” He
blocked the oncoming punch. “I thought we were here for your woman, not a spar.”
Funny, he didn’t remember starting a sparring match with Kakarott. Last thing he
remembered was beating the hell at of that man.
“You started it,” Kakarott scowled. “And you were with him.” He jerked a thumb
down behind him. “So don’t ask me what I’m doing!”
He blinked, turning to look over his companion. Seeing that while they had been
fighting his mate and Piccolo had shown up. “Bulma’s here,” he stated under his
“I think we underestimated this guy, Chi-chi doesn’t even know who I am.” A
depressive hint was on the edge of his voice. “I think he did something to you,
That got his attention, “What do you mean?”
“You came in with him and attacked on his order.”
What the hell? He snorted and slowly fell towards the ground, coming to a
screeching halt just before reaching the floor.
“What’s going on here?”

They landed behind them, making any thoughts of escape impossible. The man who
claimed to be her husband took a step forward, getting so close that she could
feel the heat radiating off of him. The boy she held clung to her, whimpering
soft pleas for the squabble to cease. She patted the back of his neck, but
glared at the woman before them.
“Why are you doing this? We’ve done nothing to you!”
“Chi-chi,” she turned those blue eyes to her. The woman was so familiar, yet,
she couldn’t place a name with her though, nor could she remember where she knew
her from. She carefully moved around the Namekuseijin–how did she know what he
was?–and took a few cautious steps forward. “We’re here because you’re
important to us. This man’s taken you from your family! How can you stand by him
and allow him to keep you from your sons?”
She growled; how could this woman assume such? She could feel her features
contort in anger, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She moved closer to
Kristain’s side, “Let us be. We’ve done nothing to you.”

A smirk crossed his lips as he watched the two women talk. “We’ve done nothing
to you.” Her comment was so ironic. Oh, what a spell we weave, he smirked at the
green creature. We haven’t done anything to you yet, he mouthed; yet. The
creature bared its fangs, and hissed to the lavender haired woman. “Bulma, don’t
get too close.” Oh, the creature does speak! It smirked, “Don’t want you to get
caught in what might happen next.”
He smirked, looking to the woman. Bulma? What an odd name, but her name didn’t
matter. He could use another woman around, he grinned at her, purposely exposing
those long canines. She met his gaze with a disdainful look, yet did as the
creature behind her said, taking a few steps back. It matters not how far away
you go, woman, you will be enslaved just as your companion is.
It seemed it was her turn to smirk as she checked the little watch on her wrist.
“Oh dear, it seems it’s nearly five.” Wretch! Bitch! “What will you do?”
He glared at her, wishing he had the power to burn holes into her form now.
“Allow us to take our leave,” he growled. “I did as you asked!”
“Free her,” she stated.
“I hold nothing over her!” Ah, a lie, but I worked hard to bring her here, I’m
not about to let her go. The woman shook her head, wisely taking refugee back
behind the green creature. And it got his attention, the shadow that they left;
a perfect escape.
Chichi, he looked at her, whispering softly to her. We can escape, to the
catacombs. She gave him a slight nod and took his hand, squeezing it lightly.
Let’s go then, it was weak, but she was still learning. She leaned against him,
and he pulled her as he bolted towards the fleeing shadows. There was a gruff
warning from the green creature, but, he smirked as the darkness surrounded
them, it was a bit too late for that.

She sighed, turning to glare at her husband. “You messed up.”
He blinked, then scowled, “I messed up? Woman, what the hell are you doing
She crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him. “Because you messed up! You
let your guard down because you underestimated someone who was weaker than you.”
He growled at her, but she ignored it, turning her attention to Goku.
“There’s always tonight.”
He gave her a weak smile in return. “We’ll be more prepared, tonight.”

They sat together on the old oak, silently watching as the sun peeked up over
the horizon. The dark blues and purples running to escape as the reds and
oranges began to take over the sky. “Beautiful,” she mumbled, leaning against
him. She only got a sigh from him, “Gohan-kun?” She looked at him, getting only
a depressed look in return. “Don’t worry,” she kissed his cheek. “She’ll come to
her senses.”
He gave a short nod, an arm moving around her. “I hope so.” Videl gave him a
little smile and turned her attention back to the rising sun. Kami, watch over
her, for Gohan’s sake.

Chapter 6

He curled up in her arms, looking up at her pleadingly as Kristain opened the
casket for her. “Please,” he whimpered as he clung to her. “I don’t want to
leave you.” She cast a small smile to Kristain and shook her head once.
The older man sighed and turned, leaving them as he went to his own resting
place. Carefully, she closed the casket again and sat on it, returning the
child’s constant hug. “What’s your name?” she whispered as she petted his brown
locks; so thick, so soft against her fingers.
He sniffled lightly, wrapping his arms around her neck, “Daniel.”
“Dan… iel.” Another name of the English tongue; it sounded both odd and
beautiful to her. She whispered it again, placing the syllables together. She
smiled softly, “I used to have two little boys like you.”
He looked up at her, curiosity mixing with sleepiness. “What was their names?”
“Gohan,” she said as her smile brightened ever so slightly. “And Goten.”
“They have weird names,” he commented as he yawned. The poor little child had
been left to stay awake all night.
“Saa … ” she giggled softly. “But that’s because we’re different.” The little
boy nodded sleepily, his hold on her loosening lightly. “And they’re my boys,”
she whispered to herself as the little boy started to doze off. She hugged him
lightly; missing her little boys as the actions of the previous nights started
to come back to her. That man was her husband. She felt the tears start to flow
down her cheeks. Carefully, so not to wake Daniel, she moved her fingers over to
test the fresh tears. Blood … her breath caught in her throat. “Goku.”
Oh … Goku … what have I become?

Tired, he crashed into their bed, inhaling her scent still present on the
sheets. His heart convulsed painfully. Chichi …
He curled up on their bed, hugging the sheets and her pillow to him. Tears
started to escape his eyes again, she didn’t know him. She didn’t know him at
all. He choked on a sob; she wanted to kill him.
Oh, Kami. Why did this have to happen to him? Why not someone else?
He buried his face against the sheet in his hands as he heard the door squeak
open. He ignored the presence of his youngest son, although he was just standing
there. Staring in contempt of his father. “She was easy prey,” he grumbled loud
enough for his father to hear. “Because you,” he stated accusingly, “Weren’t
here for her.” He tensed slightly as the door squeaked again, signifying that
his son took his leave.
Was it true…?
Oh Chichi … he has taken her presence for granted for so long. Now that the
comforting feel of her hands petting his hair was gone. What would he do if
couldn’t get her back? He gulped down his fear, what if she didn’t want to come
back? He sat up, pushing those thoughts aside. She would, she had to. She loved
her family too much to leave them like this.

A broad yawn broke through her, she was so tired. A soft growl soon followed the
yawn cause a whimper to come from the little boy she held. She was so hungry,
too. She got up ever so slowly, so not to wake the sleeping child in her arms.
Her fingers raked through the boy’s hair as she pushed the lid of the coffin
down. Holding him closely, she slowly lowered herself down into the oak death
box. It was so eerie; she suddenly saw why he was do scared to get in it.
Sinking back slowly, she looked at the red velvet lining that bedded the coffin.
Is this what she would be sleeping in for the rest of her life? Fear rose up
into her throat, she hoped to dear Kami not.
The boy shifted slightly, but did not wake. Allowing a small sigh of relief, she
pressed back into the oddly comforting cushions and closed her eyes. She could
feel his breath against her neck; she could hear each beat of his heart. She
could feel the blood coursing through his veins. It took all her will
power, and training she has as a child, to will herself to sleep. She couldn’t
allow herself to feed on the helpless. It was beyond her honor. And this boy was
now hers, as if she herself had given birth to him.
Darkness surrounded her and she surrendered to the blissful slumber. Or, one
should say, what she hoped to be blissful.
(this part is a dream, incase it isn’t obvious)
She watched helplessly as the dark red water flooded around her form; the mess
clung to her skin, soaked her hair and her clothing. She cried out and tried to
stay surfaced in the murky water, yet it seemed impossible. She kicked her feet
and flailed her arms, but she still sunk slowly into it. Panic rose trough her,
causing what seemed to be useless screams of help to erupt from her. It flowed
into her mouth; her screams turned into helpless gurgles for air as the water
swallowed her.
She closed her eyes, preparing for death. Her lungs ached for air; her heart
ached with every beat. Was this how she was supposed to die? Had Kami condemned
her to hell so soon? She shivered with fear as the tears started to flow down
her cheeks. Her heart jumped as she opened her eyes, instead of being surround
by the murky death she was surrounded by darkness, endless black. She gasped for
air, filling her aching lungs with what it so desired. What had happened? Had
she died? But, she was breathing now, certainly she couldn’t be dead now. Her
knees touched what seemed to be the surface of black and she knelt against it,
sobbing silently. What was happening to her?
“It’s just your subconscious,” the soft cheery voice of a child interrupted her
trail of though. Slowly she turned to face the small light in the neverending
darkness only to meet the childlike features of her husband.
He gave her his innocent little smile as he looked up at her, “I said it was
your subconscious, what you use when you dream. The whole vision of you drowning
in the river was a part of your subconscious.”
“G-Goku…?” He nodded, his mop of spikes only slightly shifting with the
movement. “W-why are you here?”
“Because,” he started smiling at her. “I’m your vision of purity and innocence.
I’m your guardian angel.” His smile grow a fond hint to it as he took her wrist
with his tail, bringing it up so that she could feel his small plump little
cheek. “I’m real, Chichi-san. As real as a dream may be.”
“Why am I having such a dream?”
“Kami felt that this is where you should decide where your heart is …” his
voice grew soft as he looked down. “You have been seduced by a demon, hence you
have been turned into one …” He looked up at her sadly, “Although the creature
that you have become is evil, Chichi-san, your heart is still pure from any
evil. I’m here to tell you that you have hope from escaping that,” one of his
hands rose to gesture to some force behind her. She turned and gasped in
surprise as the darkness spread to give her the view of the evil that had
molested her humanity (I don’t mean that in any sort of hentai way, I mean it
the same as corruption, just molested sounded better to me). “That is the demon
that has seduced you,” Goku’s voiced aided her as the dark view of Kristian met
her gaze. He grinned sinisterly at her, his pearly fangs showing in all their
dangerous glory. “He’s one of the monsters that haunts the child’s dreams.”
“The child’s…?” she asked quietly.
“The boy, the one you saved from the possibility of being killed by him. The one
that lies in your arms.” As he spoke of him, the boy seemed to suddenly appear
in her arms, snuggled closely to her breast. He whimpered softly, the thought of
the nightmares she was having like a mere moment of discomfort. “He is your
chance to regain humanity, he has helped you escape the demon’s spell. He is
your chance to reach those you love…..” he trailed off, looking down sadly.
“And to reach those that love you.”
She looked at him in wonderment; he seemed to be the child that she had first
met. Or he looked like it. Yet, the way he spoke, the emotions he showed towards
her. He was the Goku she had always wished for. One that was aware of the
feelings she had for him, “How do I do it?” She questioned, “How do I get my
humanity back? How do I get back to you….?”
He smiled at her, that silly grin he used to show her. “He’ll show you. You must
trust him and protect him.” His expression changed, “I have to warn you
thought… Kristian is evil. He will kill you if he finds that you have fallen
from his spell.”
“What do I do…?”
“As he pleases….” Goku paused then frowned, moving past the sleeping child so
that she could feel his hand over her heart. “Just remember … this is mine.
This is the only pure thing he can’t corrupt. And don’t let him have it,
She smiled at him and spoke softly in return, “I won’t, Goku-chan.”
“Then wake to the new night,” his face and light slowly faded from her view.
The darkness once again surrounded her as her vision of Kristian approached,
that sinister grin still present amongst his handsome features. “Yes,” his voice
hissed in her ears. “Awake, pet.” His hand caught her chin, making her look up
to him as he whispered, “Awake…” His face neared her, going slowly until his
lips met hers. She flinched with fear, yet didn’t break away as his darkness
surrounded her.
Trust him and protect him…. He is your chance to regain humanity…..

Her eyes slowly opened, her head still swam with the thoughts of her dream. She
looked up to meet the pair of blue eyes that was gazing down at her; he was the
key to her humanity. Maybe she should be thanking her motherly instincts; she
offered him a small smile. “You’re awake,” she stated. She received a curt nod
of his head, his brown hair shifting as he nodded.
“The big scary man said that if you ever got hungry and, as you were already to
attached to your pet, that in the cooking quarters of the castle there is some
iced food. He said it wasn’t fresh but you could still survive off of it.” The
little boy looked down, not knowing what anything he said meant.
“Where did he go?” she asked curious all of a sudden.
“He said something about getting real food,” he whimpered softly and hugged her.
“He scared me!” She smiled slightly and patted his back, she could wait. Her
first concern for the moment was the little boy in her arms. As long as Kristian
was away, the better things would be.

He floated above the compound, eyeing each building curiously. That lovely
maiden was here somewhere, but where she was her short little monster was to
follow. He sighed; maybe he should focus on the little bastard. His life force
(or ki as many call it) was stronger than the woman’s was. It had been hard to
influence the beast but there was still a chance he could. Slowly he lowered
himself towards one of the domed buildings; perhaps this was the living
quarters. The smell of humans invaded his senses, humans and something else.
Saiyans…? Perhaps… Hmm … he lowered himself down on one of the balconies,
this one seeming the only one closest to ‘his highness.’ He chuckled lightly at
his own little joke and peeked into the room. The curtains where open, leaving a
perfect view of those present in there. An eyebrow rose as the moon’s light
outlined the feminine curves as her back arched. The soft moans of the woman’s
voice filled his sensitive ears. Were they making love? So early in the night?
He snorted, shamelessly watching the actions between the two lovers; the young
had no class. He sighed; he would sit and wait for the lovers to get lost in
ecstasy and loose consciousness. He would wait and take her when the time was
right, he chuckled darkly.

Chapter 7

She snuggled closer to him as slumber took her away from him. He had worn her
out again, seeing it fit to keep her busy so that the thoughts of her female
companion didn’t plague her, or him for that matter. The idea of that weak
creature getting into his mind and making him do as he wished was sickening.
Killing it would not do his pride any justice. Simply allowing the beast to live
in fear was not making him feel any better either. Anger surged through him,
while the beast had threatened him he still couldn’t take the pleasure of
killing it away from Kakarott. It had his mate, he glanced down at Bulma’s
sleeping features. Had it been his … this world would be in pieces. It was
amazing that Kakarott had kept his sanity, or what was left of it.
His eyes closed, sleep tugging at his senses. He was fortunate. A yawn broke
through him, fortunate indeed.

At last, he growled. Slipping the window open, it was about damn time they got
finished. No taste indeed, these young went on for hours it seemed. He glanced
towards the sky, he had three hours before dawn. He could have done so much if
he just went in there from the start. Damn the young, he mentally grumbled as he
slipped into the now quiet bedroom. The lights were dimmed, he huffed softly as
he relied on his nocturnal senses to get past the various furniture that chose
to step in his way. He floated over the floor, not sure if the male would wake,
or if the female would for that matter. It was best to take all precautions.
He slipped over to ‘her side’ of the bed, glaring at the male. He was going to
make this difficult, the way he had his arms around her. He sighed softly and
tried to keep his temper. The hunger was getting to him, he could smell the
blood flowing through the both of them. Being so close, yet, it seemed so far.
Slowly, he snaked his bony digits around Vejiita’s wrist; carefully and slowly
lifting the dead weight arm off of the woman. He froze for a moment when the
male stirred, tightening his grip around his woman with the arm that was still
around her. He stifled a growl and shot a dark glare up at the heavens. You
weren’t going to try and stop me from having what I wanted were you? There is no
chance! I will get this vixen! At that thought he placed the arm in his grip
aside and carefully started to work the other from around her. The vixen in
question shifted and whimpered softly in protest as he attempted to free her
from the grip of her male. “Damn you,” he cursed softly as the offending arm
refused to budge. “Let go,” he growled.
Something caught his arm as he attempted to free what he desired so much. “And
what,” a dark voice caught his attention. “Do you intend to do to make me let
go?” He looked to meet the dark gaze of the offending male. There was a soft
growl that escaped him as he tightened his hold on his woman, causing her to
whimper softly. “Your ass is mine!”

She shivered at the icy touch and snuggled closer into the warmth Vejiita
provided. His arm seemed to tighten around her, as if sensing her sudden chill.
Sighing softly, she rested her cheek against his chest listening to the steady
beat of his heart, the light rise and fall of his chest, the soft rumble of his
stomach. He always seemed to get hungry after they made love, he just didn’t
seem to bother with it. A soft curse reached her ears through the haze of
slumber, yet she decided to ignore it, too tired to care or think of what it
might be. A dark growl erupted from her husband as he answered the curse and
painfully tightened his hold on her. She whimpered in protest, opening her eyes
to see what had caused the disturbance.
“Your ass is mine!” Vejiita growled at the ghostly intruder. It took her only a
moment to gather who, or what, it was. The same monster that had taken Chichi
from Son-kun had returned, and it seemed for her. Fear, anger, and disgust rose
in her throat as she glared into the pale green eyes that were now focused on
her. Vejiita’s grip didn’t let up and she was glad, suddenly, that it didn’t.
“Bastard!” the creature cursed aloud, raising a clawed hand to strike. Her eyes
widened slightly, as it bared its fangs in anger and soon its hand fell to
strike. The force of air whizzed by her ear, making her jump slightly in fear of
being struck. She felt Vejiita’s power spring to life even as he held her. The
creature’s clawed fist had struck him, and to any other human it would look as
if it were a fatal shot. But, she knew better when she saw the devilish smirk
curl across Vejiita’s lips. “I hope,” his voice seemed to purr dangerously.
“Your ready to die.”

Goku shot up from his bed, the blanket he had been holding tangled around him.
Much to his distress, he had been pulled from the most wonderful dream he could
ever remember having. She had been here, wrapped around him crying out her love
for him. He could feel the ache in his lower anatomy seemed to remind him of
her. Of her disappearance. Of her death. Of her rebirth into darkness.
He whimpered softly, flopping back against the bed, even as the mattress made
squeaked in protest of his weight. He missed her. He missed her so much. What he
would give to just hear her fuss at him for taking Gohan, or even Goten, away
for training. He felt his pain start to weld up within him once again, even as
the tears trickled down his cheeks. She was gone, he wound his arms around
himself; and she hated him. Oh, Kami, he started to sob again.
Suddenly, he felt a power rising to unbelievable heights. He shot up again,
stretching out his senses to find out just who it was. Vejiita! But, wasn’t it
too late for training? He glanced towards the window, searching for that human’s
barely notice able ki. Bulma … she seemed to be distressed. That monster must
be there!
He placed two fingers to his brow and scowled as he focused on her ki. He would
destroy him now, and he would get his wife back. He could feel his blood start
to boil as he vanished from his bedroom.
The bedroom door crept open, a mop of black hair peeked in; dark eyes narrowing
as the teen felt the powers rising. He would get his mother back before that
monster could do anything else.

He roared as he started to gain his power, his fingers digging into the icy
flesh of the beast. It jerked back and a scream seemed to tear through it in
response. “Let! Go!” It demanded as it tried to pull its arm from his grip. Not
just yet, he thought grinning devilishly. Not yet. He tightened his hold on
Bulma, even as she whimpered in a soft protest. It wanted her, well it was about
to get more than it bargained for. “Let go, damn you!”
The fires of his rage started up around him and Bulma as he allowed himself to
go to the first level, his up swept hair blazed blonde as those obsidian orbs
went emerald. He allowed himself to be a beacon for the other full blooded
Saiyajin to take note of it. He would hold him until the other came. That was
his only choice at the moment.
Kakarott’s power blazed to life as he seemed to melt from the shadows just
behind the monster he held in his clutches. He could only grin devilishly at the
creature as the other slammed his fist into its back. It howled in pain and
started to trash more violently in his grip. “I won’t allow you to escape so
easily this time,” he murmured as he loosened his hold on his whimpering mate.
She struggled back and out of the way; good, now it was less likely that she
would be injured in this little ‘spat.’
He returned his attention back to the monster that Kakarott had jammed his fists
into. He stared in an almost awe as the once gentle over powered man turned into
a savage monster. He shot a glance back at his woman that sat cowering just at
the edge of her bed, he could see why Kakarott would turn from the simple minded
fool into a raging beast.
He released the icy limb he had be holding and allowed Kakarott the pleasure of
ripping it from him. This was a sight, amazing and horrifying to any being.
“Now,” Kakarott’s voice had been on an edge, as if he was ready to explode with
rage. “Where is she?”
There was a soft choke, and he noticed the blood seeping from the creatures
lips. “Wh-what?” it crooked then shrieked in pain as Kakarott stabbed his elbow
into it’s back. “FOOL!” the curse ripped through it as it started to trash
again. “You know exactly where she is!”
“Iie,” Vejiita broke in receiving an irate snarl from the creature. “Tell us
exactly,” he smirked at it dangerously. “And you might live.”
“The castle, you fool! We never left there! She’s probably in the catacombs! I
swear it,” it barked struggling as it spoke. “Let me go!” It started to pant, as
if it was aware of its on coming doom. Pain, fear, and something he couldn’t
quite identify was churning over his features. “Please,” pathetic! It was going
to beg now! It must have sensed it’s on coming doom, “I’ll take you there! Just
let me go!”
There was a soft gasp from his mate, as if she just now realized what was
happening. He glanced back at her, to see what she was making the noise about.
“Son-kun! The sun!” She pointed towards the open window franticly.

The light crept in through the open window as if it were searching for him, he
let out a soft shriek and attempted to use the giant beast behind him as a
shield from hellish heat. “Please,” he started to struggle franticly against his
captor. “Let go!”
There was a short growl from the male infront of him, “Kakarott! Don’t be
foolish! Kill it now!”
Fear road up his spine, making him shudder in terror. Throughout all his years
he had never been threatened like this, not by mere humans! I am Vejiita,
Prince of the Saiyajin!
He hissed softly at his own idiocy, they had told
him this and he paid it no mind at all. If he died now it was his own fault. “Kakarott!”
he growled, getting both monsters attention in a snap. “If you want the woman,
you can’t kill me. You kill me and you will never find her,” he grinned to
himself, hoping to any god listening that the bastard would buy it.
“Son-kun,” the vixen started again, he eyed her for a moment. How many names did
this fool have? “He’s right,” he felt his pride swell, even the cocky beauty
bought it. “Let him take you to Chichi,” she murmured softly. “Then kill him
slowly.” He blanched softly as he turned his attention to the deadly smirk that
decorated her beautiful face. “Let the sun have him,” she spoke arrogantly, as
if she were the queen of these two.
“Hai,” the male holding him answered. “I’ll get him to the castle and I’ll be
back with Chichi.” Before he could even interject he felt power surround him, it
was almost as if he were being burned alive. Then he saw the two before him
vanish from his line of sight.
How in all the hells had he managed to choose a ‘Saiyajin’s’ wife?

He stood silent at the window sill, listening to the onslaught of words and the
struggle. He felt his father’s ki vanish from the Capsule Corporation grounds.
He blasted off, stretching out his senses as he strained to feel his father out.
He would be there, he would help his mother!


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