When We Oooo

Bulma had just gotten home. Being that today was her birthday, her friends, family, co-workers decided to take her out to celebrate. Everything went great she had a wonderful time. The only thing that was wrong was that it was 1:00am and she had work the next mourning. Not feeling sleepy she went to her kitchen to get … Continue reading When We Oooo


The Gunslinger – Favorite Part

He dreamed. The universe was void. Nothing moved. Nothing was. The gunslinger drifted, bemused. "Let us have light," the voice of the man in black said nonchalantly, and there was light. The gunslinger thought in a detached way that the light was good. "Now darkness overhead with stars in it. Water down below." It happened. He … Continue reading The Gunslinger – Favorite Part

Unexpected Developments

By: Shin Dragon   With his hands Vejiita leaned against the bathroom tiles. His head was lowered as he looked down, letting the hot water smooth down his neck, back, and shoulders. ::I will never fight again:: He thought. The Cell game had ended. Three years of training. Five, if he counted the one he had spent in … Continue reading Unexpected Developments

A Bulma and Vegeta Love Story

Chapter One Bulma giggled excitedly, kneeling on the bed in front of a pile of money. Her long blue hair cascading down her back and over her shoulders. Her eyes were beaming with happiness. Never in her whole life did she ever think she was going to be this lucky. She had money, excitement in … Continue reading A Bulma and Vegeta Love Story

Caring for your new hamster

Considering A Hamster As A Pet The hamster kept as pet most often is the Golden Hamster, also called Syrian Hamster. So-called Teddybear or Black Bear hamsters are also breeds of golden hamsters. But also four species of smaller hamsters are popular pets, often called dwarf hamsters. These are Roborovski hamster, (Phodopus roborovskii) often called … Continue reading Caring for your new hamster

Blood Ties

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Sex, violence, yadda, yadda, yadda. Don't read this if you're a young'un. I don't own DBZ or make money from my fanfics. By: Lisalu       "What is it?" She was sitting up in the bed, the sheer silk of the sheets molded against the curves of her shivering, naked body, shivering as the … Continue reading Blood Ties

Caught and Collared

By: Sept 2002 Debs-dragon Bulma watched quietly from the corner of the room as the Saiya-jin began to awaken. She noted how his muscles flexed and bunched as he felt the restraints that were in place at his wrists and ankles. She remained silent, watching, observing and becoming more excited by the minute. Vegeta slowly … Continue reading Caught and Collared