Trip to Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands)

Amsterdam is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands. Its principal language is Dutch.[wiki]. I visited this wonderful city about 3 years ago and stumbled onto the photos during my weekly hard drive clean-up. I thought they looked good so I decided to post them online (btw – the one playing hide and seek in a white coat is me).
Good point about Amsterdam: the large number of coffeeshops and tobacco shops. As I don’t smoke, the best part of Amsterdam was the grilled cheese and ham sandwich they served. My boyfriend at the time was more taken in with the weed-side of the town and the fact that you can smoke it legally in shops. I mean, you can actually buy it over the counter and go into the smoking lounge and have a fag (for all the Americans out there – this is a cigarette in the Queen’s English). I saw him getting stoned and laughing out of his mind and taking pictures of weird graphitti on the walls. Now this is one reason I never liked the Devil’s grass (Oh, God, The Dark Tower has ruined me!).
I am not going to say I did nothing naughty, ’cause I did have a space cake which rendered me extra talkative but that was about it!
Things I did not like in Amsterdam – the seedy back-alleys in the red quarters, the fact that the urinals pop up in the streets (I bet this is a good thing for some of the drunkards out there that like to pee everywhere) and the high prices on parking (if you wish to leave your car outside overnight you pay about 50 euros in addition to your hotel fees (90 euros/night).
Enough talk, photos now.

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