Got scared to death!

So after a while of living peacefully at my new place with the live-in-landlord, just the two of us sharing the house, both single and longing for companionship, we found a lot of things that we had in common.
Movies, series, music and a strong desire to live in a clean environment. This is where the peace truce ended… I like to do the dishes. He insists he wants to do the dishes. I push. He stands on his heels and pushes back. I get nowhere… And I sooo love those soapy bubbles! I love to dip my hand in them and then take it out and blow them in the air. But he refuses to let me do the dishes!
So – last night, I saw he was dead tired and insisted to do a massive pile of dishes – and the answer was YES! I was jumping happily all about, feeling like a million dollars! (I know, I know …. but it’s the tiny things in life that make it worthwhile!). So he goes to his bedroom and I go to mine to grab my headphones – I love to listen to music while I do work around the house.
So, after five minutes of scrubbing and cleaning, I feel something grabbing me from behind. I did not see anything coming – let alone hear it! I scream, jump, splash water everywhere, bang my knee on the side of the counter and fall down in a corner, slowly facing to see my assailant… it was him laughing his ass off. He waited until I was comfortable with being alone and he decided to give me a scare. I wanted to kill him but I could not get my breath back long enough to even mutter a word….My heart was in my throat, my legs were shaking, my voice was lost.
When I finally gained some composure, I got up and told him to go to bed and that he did – still laughing about the good scare he gave me. Evil! Pure evil!

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