You who are strong.

You always tell me how strong I am, how I don’t seem to care no matter the situation. You tell me you wish you where as strong as me. All the time I spent when we lived together, trying to teach you to be strong, I didn’t realize it was I who was weak, and you who was strong.

No matter the situation, you take it in stride. Your emotions are on the surface, and you ease through life, dealing with each problem one at a time.

Every situation that is presented to me, I bury inside. My emotions are so far down, you say I am void of feeling. Instead of dealing with my problems, I ignore them, laughing.

I just want you to know that I thank god every day for bringing you into my life. When my heart was broken the first time, I prayed to a God that I didn’t know, to please mend me, to make me whole. I prayed that he would ease my trouble mind, and bring some sort of joy into my life.

Suddenly I had an urge. I needed to get to st.louis. I couldn’t say why, I just knew it was important to me. And then our paths crossed again. And then God mended me. He brought such joy and hope into my life, in the form of you. With one person he showed me all my hopes and expectations of my life could be achieved, and then he left my life once more, hoping that I would find my own path in the fate he had provided.

With me being away, my heart starts to lock up again. My wall is slowly rebuilding, bigger, stronger. I know I don’t need it with you, but my dreams whisper to me, and slowly the wall reshapes.

Thank you for being stronger than me, thank you for not letting me end our relationship. You are my hopes and dreams for the rest of my life.

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