Ristorante Paradisio – Great Anime

So I watched another series of uncharted animes, so out of the mainstream range that it did not feature any magic maidens with super large breasts that transformed into robots to save the world from utter destruction but instead had a cast of a young female protagonist and a few elderly (over 50) gentlemen. Set in the romantic city of Rome (yes, an Italian city in a Japanese Anime), the action unfolds slowly, at a (sometimes annoying) slow pace showing the life loving, women adoring men of Italy.

Ristorante Paradisio

This girl (Nicoletta) comes to confront her mother about leaving her with her grandma from a young age so she could marry a man who did not like women with children and finds it impossible to confess her motive without hurting her mother’s happiness. She also falls in love with Claudio, a 40-50-tish old man, recently divorced working at the restaurant. The great part is she tries to date-rape him when she first gets the chance and he’s like “Please no!” and then makes a dramatic face! It was priceless but the show does explain why he’s not so willing. He was still attached on the love he carried for his ex-wife and seeing her daily in the restaurant did not help. Nicoletta does not give up and she silently comes closer to him, aided by the staff who can’t ignore a girl in love.

It was a bit disconcerting at first to see a May-December romance blossom, but they were looking great together and his shyness and calmness perfectly complemented the outgoing nature of the young one and like mother like daughter – once a true connaiseur of men, you know that they are like wine – only getting better with age!

The stories (and wives) of the other men in the ristorante are also shown and the best couple I could name was Nicoletta’s mother and the owner.

They had such a calm and loving relationship! And he was so “inamorada” with her that he opened up a restaurant and made sure that he hired her favorite waiter (cameriere) from her favorite restaurant and also made sure that all the staff was over 50 and wore glasses (even if they could see just fine like the cook for example). Just because his wife fancied men with glasses.

She decides to pursue a culinary career so she starts working as an apprentice in the Ristorante. Now, the restaurant isn’t called Paradision, Claudio is. Saint Claudio Paradisio, an odd name but still beautiful and exotic. Everything about the series is exotic as it makes you want to taste wine, visit Rome, eat anti-pasta and also find a true gentleman that will serve you perfectly. The threads of the story come together at the end and you just end up with a happy feeling coming from watching people in love. With another, with life, with their job. I loved the show and after seeing it I went onto wizz-air and booked my next holiday for Venice, Italy at the start of November. I know it’s not Rome but it’s close by and I can’t wait to go there and say “Buonasera” and “Grazie” and “Prego”. A few more months to go!

Series link: http://bakabt.me/167437-ristorante-paradiso-10-bit-jackoneill.html



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