A Bag of Bones

I’ve promised myself I’d try to read at least one book a week during the summer holiday and every book I’ve put my hand on was over 400 pages long. I’ve absolutely loved the Stand (Stephen King), I’ve read the entire “Shiver” trilogy from Maggie Stiefvater, I’ve devoured a few Dean Koontz books from the 90’s and continuing the thriller mode, I went all out and read A Bag of Bones from my top 1 favorite author, Stephen King (photo below).

061711.CA.0319.levine2.RSH — Horror writer Stephen King at the W Hotel, Wednesday morning, March 19, 2003 in Westwood, Calif. King is in town for the premiere of the latest movie based on one of his many books, Dreamcatcher. LOS ANGELES TIMES PHOTO BY RICHARD HARTOG

It was dark, terror filling and with the natural darkness that always seems to surround a haunted house. The Sara Laughs house looks so much like the “Dark House” (written with Peter Straub) that I keep thinking that all of his works are actually related among them and all of his work is one giant plane like Tibet and wherever you wander you meet the same people, breathtaking views and adventure to keep you busy. I felt like I knew the author Mike Noolan (SK in disguise), his late wife Jo (from Lisey’s story) but I keep thinking on whom did he base Kyra on? I don’t think I’ve ever read any books by Stephen King that had a cute 3year old in them, talking and gurgling nicely along. It was a fresh invention and it made me think that maybe on that plane, a new person is born every now and then and the characters are not always the same.

The story was good (not brilliant like the Dark Tower one) but still so good that it kept me hooked for two days straight. An author caught in the writer’s block retires to his summer home after his wife’s death and finds himself in a bad position after rescuing a child from the road. He is dragged into a custody battle between a young sexy momma and her late husband’s decrepit old man (rich old man). The old man and his maid are taken to such an extreme that I feel like there could never be such a person in real life without causing a hole in the time-space continuum due to all of his evilness. Mix this with a 100year old curse of a black woman, a few children dead and an aging town used to deadly secrets (so much like Castle Rock (the town from Needful Things)). I would give the book a 3/5 as the sex scenes are completely missing and the author is always walking around with an iron boner – and also some of the characters are so exaggerated that they look like caricatures of real beings.

Still a good read 🙂

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