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I keep thinking of all my days in school and I’ve been asked by my cousin whether I have ever cheated on a test.
Yes – it was Latin. I had copied all the conjugations of the verbs and then put them in the plastic covers of my notebook. Easy to read, easy to cheat. Especially as I did not like Latin at all. The only thing I do remember is the lovely quote “Aquila non capit muscas” (The Vulture does not catch flies) meaning that a big man should not be concerned with small issues. Heh! I understood from this something else. A fly is always so small and so quick that no vulture can catch it. Be a small fry and nobody can crush you lol.

In college, our teacher was against copying so he brought up the official cheats. Meaning you had an A4 sheet available during the exam that you could bring with you from home. On this sheet, you could have written the most important formulas, pieces of code you could not remember, and if your writing was small enough, the entire college course that you could use as a reference. The coolest in the group would come with an empty sheet. I was not cool and I had very very tiny handwriting.

So, no, I did not cheat, copy or had straying eyes during exams. I guess my parents were not like this guy:

So – my question today: did you ever cheat during an exam and if yes, how and why?


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  1. your interpretation of the latin verse is the coolest. i was wondering, what did you take in college? with me, yes i did or else i wont’t pass algebra. it sucked so bad. after exams i’d be so dizzy trying to copy from my friend who totally kills it. glad that phase of my life is over.


    1. I took computer science (6 different types of math and 3 different courses of computers from assembly language to linux operating systems).
      I would have preferred to do a language uni as their courses were cooler but the end result would have been unemployment as there were not a lot of jobs in the field (just translators and such)
      Me too – glad to be out of the study area! Now it’s time to enjoy life!


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