The confession – 12 Kingdoms Weekend

Hiya all! Being bored out of my mind, I decided to revisit an old Anime I used to know called The 12 Kingdoms. The action is set in a parallel universe where everybody looks like they are wearing medieval clothing and it follows the story of a 17yr old high school girl who finds out that she will be the next ruler of one of the kingdoms. While this sounds like a cutesy anime, it is nothing like it! So if you are expecting to see starry eyed girls and princes, you’ll be in for a treat. So starting from Friday evening until 2AM this morning I have watched all 45 episodes of this saga and I must say, it’s one of the best animes I have ever seen (still).

I have wondered if it were me, would I have done anything different? The answer was no. I would not have gone mad like Asano, thinking it was just a game, nor suffer from severe delusions, thinking that everybody was wrong and made a mistake. That girl, Yuka, she was living in a dream world in Japan and hoping to live one of her books of dragons and knights. Too bad she wakes up too late.

I also loved how the characters evolved throughout the series, changing their minds as further input from other people was acquired and I love the fact that it holds no romance. It’s pure action, politics, betrayals, assassination attempts and lessons of life out of which one shines through the brightest: “You need to fight for your happiness as it will not just come to you.”

The character design was also top notch and I have to say, it’s so well thought I would have expected a sequel but I suppose some questions are meant to be left open.



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