So I saw this picture of a sticker today…

So I saw this today and it got me laughing even though it’s kinda serious problem. I mean – when you’ve got a few kids next to your skirt it’s a bit insulting to catch your man drinking and together with a woman the British would call a “slag”. But then I think – who the hell made the woman procreate without condoms. I agree with having a child, two at max, three for luck but five? A woman should pay more attention to her body and beware that several pregnancies will mess up your body beyond repair.The happy place gets stretched so that the clapping& echo jokes appear, the tits sag (or is this just normal gravity), and the mental sanity is eaten away by those screaming bundles of joy.

He won’t have a vasectomy? No problem! Women can get one done too – their ovaries are tied and then they can shagg with no issues.

And if ya catch your man cheating on you, you can go full gangsta on him, kick him out, make him pay alimony for all his spawn and get a mansion to live in with a couple of babysitters hired full time. Problematic is the aspect when the dad is scum and does not have a stable income. Or the type that sobs and asks for forgiveness everytime he strays. The mom closes her eyes and for the sake of the children continues the charade. But let me tell you, the children are smart – they can tell when something’s amiss. And they either go into a depressive state that will make them go for older guys (for girls looking for a father figure) or younger women (for boys trying to get a woman like dad’s). And they will require psychoanalysis and cash to get over it.

Hmm… tough stuff. Better off not getting married at all or keeping your eyes wide open when doing so.

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4 thoughts on “So I saw this picture of a sticker today…

  1. That sticker is too much. 🙂 lol

    No placing blame but with 5 children how can the wife pay attention to her husband’s needs? Men no matter what age need to feel wanted and desired (as women) with a boat load of children is hard to do. 😦
    Did he stray because he felt like he got “kicked to the curb”?

    Who knows, but I agree with you… 5 is too many. 🙂


    1. Well, using a condom is one way to have a happy marriage. And I’m always pro-sterilization. After you’ve tied your ovaries, you can stop worrying about having extra children (they are lovely but in groups they have a mob attitude) and you can enjoy your sex life more!


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